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Window & Glass Cleaning Frisco TX

We at Dallas Building Maintenance are standing by to help you or your company with any window and glass cleaning needs you might have. We are one of the most trusted names in commercial cleaning in Dallas-Ft. Worth. For more information or to schedule and appointment give us a call at

It is common knowledge that commercial cleaning products are effective. One that I am particularly pleased with how it works is Windex Multi Surface, which is great for window and glass cleaning in Frisco . It works fast, resulting in a great shine, and when used along with special microfiber cloths, your workload is reduced significantly.

The cloth that you use with your glass cleaner is a deal breaker. This absolutely fantastic cloth that I found, does not require much effort, can be easily washed in the machine and will dry quickly when you are working. There is no other microfiber cloth that can compete with the one on the website. Believe me I have tried many! So do not waste your money trying to reinvent the wheel.

Exterior Windows

These windows can get dirty easily. Clean your glass with an old rag firstly, so that you save your special microfiber rags. Once the glass is wet, use a razor to remove any paint or other residue, that may not easily be removed, by sliding it across the glass. In the event that you have never had the opportunity to use razor blades, this is some additional information. You need to use the blades that are square with a folded metal edge and the other end is very sharp. They can be used by themselves, or along with a tool that can secure the blade. Do not use a plastic holder as they are easily breakable. Instead use a sturdy metal holder, that is actually made to hold these blades.

After removing the exterior stuff, use your wonderful microfiber cloth to wipe the lightly sprayed surface, until you have a finish that has no streaks. The entire process is effortless and you will be completely amazed. When used on inside glass, the process is even easier.

One last tip: The Windex Multi Surface cleaner functions best when minimum spray is used. This product is actually better than I had initially imagined.

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