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Why Use Dallas Building Maintenance for Green Cleaning Services

Green cleaning services are fast increasing in popularity as people gain a greater awareness of the health risks that traditional cleaning methods and products entails. Green cleaning services are essential for businesses or households that are looking to maintain living environments that are optimally safe for residents, pets and visitors. Chemical agents commonly found in household products contain harmful toxins that can diminish human health. Some of the illnesses that these toxins cause are short-term and mild like headaches or serious and long-lasting like cancer. These, however, are health risks that green cleaning services can eliminate.

Companies that provide true green cleaning services diligently evaluate cleaning products, equipment and methods to make sure that these are effective and in compliance with the top health and safety standards. At Dallas Building Maintenance , we take our commitment to green cleaning seriously and we pride ourselves in taking excellent care of both our clients and our employees. While some companies say they offer green cleaning , many of these businesses only address a few aspects of a comprehensive green cleaning plan. To provide the greatest green cleaning benefits, service providers must take each one of these steps:

Clean, Consistently

  • Use green cleaning products that have a Green Seal certification or certification from another reputable organization so that these produced are assured to be free of reproductive toxins, carcinogens, fragrances, neurotoxins and other additives that might negatively impact human health.
  • Use “greener” cleaning tools and equipment like vacuums that the American Lung Association recognizes for creating improvements in indoor air qualities.
  • Use microfiber cloths or towels that have been color-coded to limit the use of cleaning solutions, prevent cross contamination of germs from surface to surface or room to room and limit landfill waste.
  • Have a method for ensuring that all green cleaning team members are following the established protocol at all times during the provision of these services.
  • Remain current with all of the latest innovations in technology and science so that the most-effective and safest green cleaning methods are always being used.

Green cleaning companies that do not improve the quality of the indoor air despite their use of green cleaning solutions could be diminishing the benefits of their efforts to reduce allergens that cause allergy and asthma attacks, but simply using vacuums that stir dust up and circulate it throughout the home, rather than simply eliminating it.

Green cleaning companies that take care of all aspects of a holistic, green cleaning strategy, however, can provide optimal benefits to the home environment, household residents and family pets.

DBM is wholly committed to limiting the potential health risks that are commonly associated with conventional cleaning methods and products. Services that are not addressing the equipment, cleaning solutions, quality control measures and tools of this process are not truly green. Do not let “partially green” cleaning companies fool you and make sure to get optimal benefits from true green cleaning services instead.