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What Does National Safety Month Mean for Cleaning?

The National Safety Council is celebrating the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month. Through information packets and videos, the NSC spends June spreading the word about the importance of workplace safety and the health and wellness of employees. While physical safety concerns often take the forefront of such outreach, the last year highlighted the importance of cleaning in the workplace to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

In the last year commercial cleaning services in Dallas, TX have moved to the spotlight as the frontline fighters against Coronavirus. Employees and consumers alike have developed a clearer understanding of the importance of cleanliness and their expectations of the hygiene of their spaces has risen considerably. In the past, consumers may have been content with pleasant fragrances and basic surface cleaning protocols. However, fears surrounding the spread of COVID-19 mean more demand for in-depth cleaning techniques that professional services like Dallas Building Maintenance Co. offer.

Now, as businesses across Texas continue to open and people return to the workforce, it is not enough for business owners to simply have the illusion of a clean space. Consumers and workforces not only expect more thorough sanitation in these spaces, but they deserve it, so they can continue to feel safe and healthy in their environments. Office cleaning companies in Plano and other areas of Dallas offer cleaning solutions and techniques that go far beyond basic surface wiping – a method that risks missing pathogens and bacteria that can hide and thrive in hard-to-reach places. DBM Janitorial Services has offered commercial cleaning services in Dallas TX for over 40 years, and during that time they have embraced advanced and effective cleaning techniques that are fast, affordable, and safe.

Last year, a study done by the International Council of Shopping Centers found that 66% of consumers stated that, upon returning to shops and retail spaces, they expected to see more cleaning. There is no doubt that this hope spreads across the board for commercial businesses, and office cleaning companies in Plano and other areas of the Dallas/Fort Worth area are the best solution to these high expectations.

Dallas Building Maintenance Co. is committed to the cleanliness and sanitation techniques that are essential to the safety of your employees, patrons, and business. They offer green cleaning methods and floor and carpet cleaning. They also service many commercial areas, including healthcare offices, churches, retail spaces, and schools. DBM Janitorial Services utilizes a variety of cleaning methods that ensure effective disinfection and prevention of pathogens and contagions. While they use safe and EPA-approved chemicals to clean surfaces and high-traffic touchpoints such as phones and light switches, DBM also offers advanced techniques like electrostatic fogging, which is a fast and affordable way to sanitize larger spaces, soft items like beds and chairs, and even electronics.

The best way to celebrate National Safety Month is to do everything you can to keep your employees and patrons healthy and show them that you care about their happiness and well-being.

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