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What Can Your Facility Do to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infections?

When a patient goes to the doctor, the last thing they expect is to fall victim to an unrelated illness. While hospitals and doctor’s offices prioritize safety and care, it is almost inevitable that contagious diseases may spread among patients and the people who treat them. With North Texas hospital admittance at a reported peak due to the Coronavirus and the threat of other contagions—such as the drug resistant superbug Candida auris recently arising in a Louisiana hospital—the essential services of Dallas medical office cleaning can help protect patients and lessen the load of healthcare workers who are already experiencing overload.

According to the CDC, healthcare associated infections cause approximately 75 thousand deaths a year. Above that, nearly 800 thousand infections are caused yearly by pathogens such as MRSA and E. coli, which often flourish in busy hospitals on floors and surfaces. With the high turnover healthcare facilities experience and the strain on hospital workers nationwide, professional cleaning services such as Dallas Building Maintenance Co. offer the hygienic support that can only be fully delivered by Dallas janitorial companies.

Since most contagions in hospitals live on floors, they easily cling to shoes, wheels, and other objects. Busy hospitals and overwhelmed healthcare workers can inadvertently spread such viruses and bacteria quickly throughout a healthcare facility. Professional Dallas medical office cleaning is a necessity that can take the stress off individuals who are trying to concentrate on their tasks. Especially in a time of historical hospitalizations and staff shortages, it is ill-advised to put the pressure on healthcare workers to also maintain the highest level of sanitation.

DBM Janitorial Services gives healthcare offices the opportunity to concentrate on treating patients by offering a variety of advanced cleaning methods to fight potential pathogens. Since bacteria and viruses can spread not just between unclean surfaces but also due to inefficient cleaning methods and dirty equipment, Dallas janitorial companies use EPA-approved cleaning solutions that have been proven to disinfect and kill viruses. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. employs traditional cleaning, such as surface wiping, upholstery, carpet, and floor cleaning.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can also benefit from advanced technology like electrostatic spraying. An electrostatic sprayer releases a negatively charged solution that adheres easily to surfaces and kills viruses and bacteria immediately and over time. This high-tech cleaning solution can be used to disinfect large areas very quickly. It is also a valuable cleaning tool as it is safe to use on electronics and soft surfaces and can reach areas that traditional cleaning methods cannot. It can also help healthcare workers save time, as it disinfects surfaces like beds and curtains that are otherwise lengthy and costly to clean.

DBM Janitorial Services uses multiple tools that have been proven to combat the contagions that can plague healthcare facilities, and offers daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning opportunities. Whether a hospital room or a waiting room, professional cleaning techniques are the best possible defense against the illnesses that are waiting to strike already vulnerable populations and healthcare workers alike.