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Warehouse Cleaning Services in Dallas and the Metroplex

Why is Warehouse Cleaning Important?

DBM takes the cleaning standards established for your industry seriously, fully understanding the importance of not only adhering to industry standards but exceeding all expectations.

Safe Cleaning

A clean workspace is a safe one. Did you know that 95 million workdays are lost due to slip-and-fall accidents each year? Everyone knows slick oil spots pose a very real risk to worker safety, and that improper cleaning products and techniques can affect floor finish, creating slippery surfaces. But other less obvious lapses in cleanliness can be just as dangerous. Scraps of cardboard on the floor can cause a fall just as easily as an oil slick. Overflowing trashcans are tripping hazards waiting to happen. Unmitigated clutter can compromise forklift drivers’ visibility. A dirty warehouse is not a safe one.

With DBM you’ll notice that our standard of cleaning services will supersede any pre-determined expectation that you might have.

Dallas Industrial Building Cleaning

Cleaning and Efficiency

A dirty warehouse is not only a dangerous place to work, it is also a less than an ideal place to get work done. A warehouse with debris all over the place simply doesn’t run as smoothly as one that has rows upon rows of clear aisles. If you have a cleaner workspace, you will do more focused work.

Tailored Cleaning Services

DBM customizes a warehouse cleaning schedule to organize an effective and efficient cleaning of your facility while minimizing disruption in your operations. Day and night cleaning options available to best meet your needs.

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Creating A Professional Atmosphere Is Not Just For The Front Office

Dirty warehouses deliver a message to your employees. Even though it might seem minor to have some dust on your shelves, enough minor oversights like that add up to a big, negative message. If it’s permissible for there to be a lot of cardboard on the ground, then employees, consciously or not, begin to believe that being lax in other ways is permissible, too. It’s a lot harder to take pride in your work when no one respects the appearance of the workplace. What’s more, when people work in an untidy environment, they tend to do untidy work.