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What is Touch Point Cleaning?

Touch Point Cleaning is a system of cleaning that focuses on high-traffic areas specifically “touch points”. A few examples of touch points are; light switches, tv remotes, computer keyboards, door knobs, elevator buttons. These are considered high risk areas to come in contact with disease, viruses, and germs. Touch points are the most important areas to address when cleaning.

Why Use Touch Point Cleaning For Your Dallas Area Business?

DBM gets the germs before they get YOU, touch point hot spots such as elevator buttons, door handles, hand rails, water fountains.  Fighting against illness should be a top priority for any business. Keeping employees well and cutting down on sick days is a great way to improve efficiency. Imagine if you could cut down on your businesses sick days by even 20%? Fighting infection not only directly helps your employees but it helps keep their family safe too. It’s always a good idea to keep diseases, viruses, and germs at bay.

How Is DBM Different as a Disinfection Cleaning Company?

We are a full service cleaning company and focus on quality. Touch Point Disinfection isn’t just wiping down a surface with a microfiber cloth. We follow the correct rules and directions in accordance to Touch Point Cleaning best practices. Our staff is fully trained on how to disinfect touch point areas. When disinfecting we use the proper tools; masks, gloves, shoe covers, mops and microfiber towels. We only use CDC recommended and EPA registered broad spectrum cleaning solutions that are considered low hazard and don’t have a harsh chemical smell.

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