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The Demand for Cleaning Crew Jobs Jumps 300% in 30 Days

As businesses begin to ease their employees back into in-office work, cleanliness remains at the forefront of their minds. After the last year, it is no wonder that Fort Worth, Dallas, and Arlington office cleaning services continue to be in high demand during this unprecedented transition. But what kind of effect is the back to workplace processes having on the cleaning industry as a whole?

Throughout the pandemic, cleaning companies such as Dallas Building Maintenance Co. have offered effective and consistent service to commercial businesses across Texas. Now we are beginning to see the first shift into pre-pandemic normalcy with the rising rate of vaccinations and states lifting restrictions at a faster rate as businesses prepare for more in-person interaction. With that has come an impressive demand for cleaning services.

PeopleReady, a company that specializes in job placement for labor and skilled workforce, reports an extraordinary hiring surge. According to their statements, the demand for commercial cleaning jobs has increased by over 300% since the beginning of April. PeopleReady’s analysis of the cleaning industry showed that within 30 days, over 160,000 job postings regarding workplace cleaning had been advertised in the United States alone.

In a more specific breakdown, the analysis showed that cleaning crew jobs grew 364% in the last 30 days. Custodial assistant jobs jumped 200%, while janitorial and general cleaner jobs rose 80%. As employers encourage the return to public workspaces, the value of Fort Worth, Dallas, and Arlington office cleaning services remain at the forefront of their minds.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, DBM Janitorial Services has been a forerunner in commercial cleaning for Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas. By offering EPA-approved disinfectant solutions proven to battle Coronavirus and implementing impressive technologies, Dallas Building Maintenance Co. was able to offer extensive and effective office cleaning in Dallas. Now that we are beginning to see an end to the pandemic, those services are just as essential and desired by employers and employees alike.

While vaccines give a hopeful future to the end of the pandemic, a continued dedication to cleanliness and hygiene will not only aid in the easing of restrictions but may also help keep viruses such as colds and flus at bay in the future. Maintaining office cleaning in Dallas will help keep workforces healthy and safe.

The janitorial industry certainly seems primed to rise to this impressive challenge. DBM Janitorial Services has served the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 40 years and during that time the business has progressed with cutting-edge services. From classrooms to medical offices, we offer traditional cleaning methods such as surface wiping and TouchPoint cleaning and more advanced techniques including electrostatic and fogging disinfectant. We offer high-tech and efficient cleaning techniques for a variety of commercial businesses.

It is exciting to see an end in sight to a seemingly endless pandemic, and the rise in demand for cleaning services is a positive sign that businesses will intentionally and knowledgeably introduce their workforce into clean and hygienic commercial areas once again.