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Study Indicates Employees Lack Confidence in Safely Returning to Workplaces

It is no surprise that nearly a year into the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are seeking ways to return their companies to a state of normalcy. While Texas ranked second in the country for the most remote workers even before the pandemic, some studies have found people far prefer working in their offices than from home. A Honeywell study performed at the end of 2020 shows that people remain concerned with employers taking health seriously upon the return to offices – a concern which may be addressed by employing qualified companies such as Dallas Building Maintenance Co.

Currently, Texas cities such as Arlington offer a wealth of information and webinars to aid commercial businesses in a smooth transition back to the workplace. However, the Honeywell study indicates that Arlington office cleaning services are an invaluable asset to maintaining a healthy workforce. Honeywell surveyed over 2,000 people from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Middle East, and found that 68% of people who work in buildings of 500 or more are uncomfortable returning to offices. This unease stems from a lack of confidence in their employers instating and enforcing vital safety measures. Companies like DBM Janitorial Services, who are experienced at combating dangerous contagions like COVID-19, can assist companies through skilled office cleaning in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas.

According to the Honeywell study, workers are concerned about air quality more now than previously to the pandemic. While the maintenance of shared surfaces and communal areas such as bathrooms is critical, 56% of those surveyed expressed fears that businesses have not prioritized air quality when employing Arlington office cleaning services in the past and will continue to ignore it. 41% of workers feel that outdated and poorly maintained ventilation is a bigger threat than colleagues who do not follow health and safety guidelines.

Thus, it would be prudent for employers to make use of a variety of services offered by Dallas Building Maintenance Co., including air duct cleaning. Although air ducts can be easily overlooked and ignored, they are essential to the overall health of any workplace. Now, with valid Coronavirus fears haunting office workers, they will no doubt be looking at companies to employ the services of professional office cleaning in Dallas, TX continually as the pandemic’s influence lingers over how our country responds to hygiene.

Perhaps the most sobering aspect of the Honeywell survey lies in the nearly 25% of workers who admitted they would quit their jobs rather than risk returning to a company that will not take their health and safety concerns seriously. While everyone is eager to grasp some kind of routine and normalcy in these uncertain times, employers can be proactive by taking worker concerns seriously and employing the experts at DBM Janitorial Services. Ensuring that professional cleaners will maintain air quality and building wellness will do wonders to assuage the fears of employees returning to the workplace and build a trust between companies and their workers that is essential to a future beyond the pandemic.