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Should your company consider hiring a new janitorial service?

Well, once again the time of year is upon us when business managers begin planning strategies and contemplating theories for enhanced productivity during the rapidly approaching new year. January is just about here. As such, now is the perfect time to give serious thought about what changes are necessary to ensure an even better ending to 2014 – before it even begins. A primary area of focus should be deferred facility maintenance. Is your present commercial cleaning contractor performing up to your desired standards? How well is your existing program for premises upkeep meeting the needs of you and your company? The month of December is the perfect opportunity to catch up on unfinished cleaning project or plan new ones for 2014. A key element of successfully accomplishing these tasks is a competent janitorial services provider. There is no time like the present to begin seeking a whole new level of quality work and environmental cleanliness that you’ve never encountered before. What better way to bring in the New Year with a resounding bang that echoes throughout its full duration.

Quality Commercial Cleaning Entails Far More Than Mopping Floors

Were you aware that the best commercial cleaning contractors have a comprehensive list of service offerings. Their repertoire includes both regular and occasional but essential services. Common examples are:

  • Electrical repair
  • Carpet care
  • Door & Lock replacement and repair
  • Hard floor care
  • Glass cleaning
  • Day porters
  • Slip & Fall Hazard elimination
  • Door & Casing repair
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Construction cleanup
  • Recycling services
  • Pressure washes
  • Emergency interventions
  • Drywall repair
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Premises alteration/remodeling
  • Ballast replacement and repair
  • Wallpapering and painting
  • Glazing and caulking
  • Plumbing services
  • Carpet & Tile repair and replacement
  • Life and safety auditing
  • Ceiling tile replacement and repair
  • Lighting fixture installation
  • Roofing inspection
  • HVAC system preventive maintenance
  • HVAC system preventive maintenance
  • Relamping

Several of the above-listed special services provide excellent means of brightening up business surroundings to an exponential degree. This is especially true of overlooked areas of a facility that may be in urgent need of upgrades or repairs. Taking care of such long-neglected tasks saves money by eliminating legal liability and far more expensive remedies later on. If your current cleaning service does not provide anything but the basics, you should seriously think about engaging another contractor with a broader range of offerings. Although big does not guarantee “best,” a medium-sized Dallas janitorial services company that can perform a full spectrum of essential services is the best bet for highest long-term value on every front.

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Is Right Now The Best Time To Seek New Janitorial Services To Bring In the New Year?

Perhaps you are fully aware that your present commercial cleaning vendor is not the best match for your needs. You might have previously attempted to advise its management of this, but your efforts have failed to get results. Toward close of the year is a most opportune time to perform the required “grunt work” to locate a qualified commercial cleaning contractor to better meet your ever-changing needs. Quite admittedly, this task entails some time and effort. However, by conducting due diligence through adequate research and thorough investigation, you can find an appropriate commercial cleaning provider in relatively short order to position you to greet 2014 with the best possible face for your facility. Enhanced operations efficiency and employee productivity are enormously valuable by-products that make capital outlay for a competent commercial cleaning contractor well-spent indeed. Thus, there is no need and never any excuse to accept anything but the very best commercial cleaning contractors. If you are unsure how to distinguish reputable janitorial services from impersonators, ISSA CIMS certification is a great place to begin. This credential signifies that a commercial cleaning company’s business report card equates to all A’s. CIMS certification is a sort of independent assessment of overall performance track record for a janitorial services contractor . Those few that score high enough to earn this highly-coveted designation have demonstrated commitment to customer service of the utmost quality that qualifies for inclusion among the industry’s uppermost echelon. CIMS-certified companies must also exhibit superior competence in a vast array of service areas. Thus, boasting this certification is a reliable indication of consistent quality in a wide range of essential services.

Plan Review In Consultation With Your Current Janitorial Services Provider

If you are content with your present cleaning company’s performance, you should still investigate possible positive changes to your existing facility maintenance approach. Has overall occupancy changed during the past year? Have any recent renovations or additions been made? Were any cleaning services discontinued last year that might be restored in 2014? Right now is the perfect time to review your cleaning requirements to make any necessary adjustment promptly and wisely.

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