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Green Cleaning Services

Preserving the Environment & Saving You Money

Eco-Green Janitorial Services

DBM Janitorial is an active member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the most prominent green building organization in America today. The USGBC has administrative oversight of all LEED’s (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) regulations and programs, and it also raises awareness for green cleaning alternatives. 

DBM was one of the first commercial cleaning companies in the state of Texas to embrace the concept of green janitorial services, and today, we’re proud to offer a number of green cleaning products and services.

Our Janitorial Services in Dallas

Why Should You Choose Us For Commercial Cleaning Services?

We are the industry leaders for commercial floor cleaning and provide superior service and results for your company. We guarantee the following when we clean your commercial business:

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that every business has unique cleaning requirements and schedules. We offer flexible cleaning schedules that can be customized to suit your specific needs, whether you require daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly cleaning services.

Experienced & Insured

Our team of cleaners is highly trained and experienced in cleaning different types of commercial spaces. We take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your business, employees, and customers. We are fully insured, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected.

Custom Maintenance Plans

It takes a lot of effort and time to run a business successfully. We clean, disinfect, and sanitize your space regularly at your convenient time. We are available weekly, monthly, or quarterly at your convenience

Our Approach to Green Cleaning

At DBM Janitorial, we are committed to providing comprehensive green cleaning services that prioritize sustainability, indoor air quality, and cost savings for our clients. When you choose us as your commercial cleaning partner, we take the following steps to implement a green cleaning routine tailored to your business.

Our experienced team conducts a thorough assessment of your cleaning needs, taking into account the specific requirements of your facility. We identify areas where green cleaning practices can be integrated effectively, considering the types of surfaces and materials present.

As a leader in green cleaning, we exclusively use certified products recognized by reputable organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Green Seal. These certifications ensure that the products we use meet the highest environmental and health standards, offering effective cleaning without compromising safety.

Our professional cleaners undergo extensive training on the proper use and benefits of green cleaning products. They are equipped with knowledge and skills in effective cleaning techniques, appropriate dilution ratios, and the correct use of eco-friendly cleaning tools such as spray bottles and microfiber cloths.

DBM Janitorial implements efficient waste management practices to promote recycling and reduce the use of disposable products. We encourage the use of refillable containers for our green cleaning solutions, minimizing plastic waste. Additionally, we actively participate in recycling programs to responsibly dispose of packaging materials.

We prioritize the regular maintenance and inspection of our cleaning tools and equipment. This ensures their optimal performance and effectiveness in achieving superior cleaning results. We promptly replace worn-out or damaged equipment to uphold our commitment to quality and sustainability.

By entrusting your green cleaning routine to DBM Janitorial, you benefit from our expertise, industry-leading practices, and dedication to environmental stewardship. Our focus on sustainable cleaning solutions not only creates a healthier work environment but also reflects your company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Together, we contribute to a greener future while maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your business.

We Can Help Your Business Become Part of the Green Solution

DBM can help your commercial property earn as many as one-third of the points needed for the USGBC’s LEED-EB rating system. Every green strategy that you take will demonstrate that your company cares about the health of its employees and the environmental viability of the buildings that house them.

For our Dallas-area clients, we offer a comprehensive line of environmentally preferable green cleaning maintenance products, services, and equipment as part of our Environmental Solutions product line. These green cleaning products and services can be used as part of a green cleaning program in LEED-EB–certified buildings and to comply with Green Seal’s Environmental Standard for green cleaning services.

LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED is a type of certification for green building design, strategies and practices. What that means in layman’s terms is there are specific standards for a building to achieve in order to be LEED certified. Those standards vary for different levels of LEED certification.

For more information on getting LEED certified click here. If you’re a janitorial company that doesn’t have LEED building cleaning experience and you don’t have the time or resources, you can team up with a janitorial service like ours to get the job done properly.

The long-term financial benefits to the companies we clean are not always easy to calculate, but their effect is certainly noticeable. We do know, however, that green cleaning services extend the life of carpeting and other flooring, furnishings, computers, and HVAC systems.

Additionally, millions of man-hours are lost each year due to asthma and other respiratory illnesses that have been exacerbated by poor indoor air quality. As a result of these facts, air duct cleaning from DBM can extend the life of your business assets, improve the health of your workers, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Contact DBM today to see how our green cleaning products and services can benefit your business.

Both personally and professionally, our experts felt obligated to promote leadership through example and through environmental stewardship. The cleaning industry is pouring thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals into our rivers and streams each year, and we wanted to offer green janitorial and commercial cleaning services in the Dallas area that countered this trend.

The green cleaning supplies used by DBM are not harmful to the environment or our customers, and they don’t damage surfaces.

Using green cleaning products offers numerous benefits for your commercial cleaning routine and the overall well-being of your business. Here are some key advantages of incorporating green cleaning products into your janitorial services:

Environmental Protection: Green cleaning products are formulated with eco-friendly ingredients that minimize the release of harmful chemicals into the environment. By choosing these products, you contribute to the preservation of our ecosystems and reduce the pollution of rivers, streams, and air quality.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality: Traditional cleaning solutions often contain harsh chemicals that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. These VOCs can lead to respiratory issues and allergies among your employees and customers. Green cleaning products, on the other hand, use natural and non-toxic ingredients, resulting in cleaner and healthier indoor air quality.

Safety for Occupants: Green cleaning products are designed to be safer for human use. They don’t pose the same risks of skin irritation or respiratory problems as their chemical-laden counterparts. By opting for green cleaning products, you create a safer environment for everyone within your commercial space.

Effective Germ-Killing Properties: Contrary to popular belief, green cleaning products can effectively kill germs and bacteria. Ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and microfiber cloths have proven antimicrobial properties, ensuring a hygienic environment while minimizing the use of harmful chemicals.

Cost Savings: Green cleaning products can help you save money in the long run. They often come in concentrated forms, reducing the amount of product needed for each cleaning task. Additionally, using reusable cleaning tools like microfiber cloths instead of disposable paper towels can significantly reduce costs over time.