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"We had tried several commercial cleaning companies before we finally found a company that was dependable and did a thorough job. I would recommend DBM to anyone."
Carla Dunn, AT&T

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Do you need a new janitorial cleaning company so that you can stop worrying about the cleanliness of your office?

The appearance of a commercial space reflects the company’s reputation to its employees, customers, and visitors. It can be challenging to find time to clean surfaces. However, hiring an experienced and professional janitorial service in Dallas County is the solution.

DBM Janitorial Services in Downtown Dallas, TX is a pioneer in the janitorial business and assists customers in creating a safe and clean work environment by providing quality janitorial services.

When you work with us, you can expect profound services from our commercial cleaning technicians, who are trained, certified, and up-to-date on industry best practices.

At DBM Janitorial Services, a commercial cleaning company, we understand that a clean office not only enhances the company’s reputation but also provides a welcoming environment for customers, employees, and visitors. All our staff members in our janitorial business are trained to clean bathroom vents, baseboards, and dust underneath desks and chairs.

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"We had tried several Janitorial Companies before we finally found a company that was dependable and did a thorough job. I would Recommend DBM to anyone."
Carla Dunn
Manager, AT&T
"Please commend your cleaning people for finding my cellphone and placing it on my desk so that i would find it first thing In the morning. You can imagine my fright when i couldn’t find it. Please extend my thanks to your staff for their Extremely honorable intentions!"
Pam Freeman
Admn. Assistant Halo Branded Solutions, Inc.

The Premier Dallas County Commercial Cleaning Company

Since 1975, the business owners of Downtown Dallas, TX have been trusting DBM Janitorial Services for their commercial cleaning needs. That’s nearly 50 years of providing businesses of all shapes and sizes and across a variety of industries with the highest quality results. We’re committed to delivering impeccable results and we always go the extra mile to exceed the needs of the clients we serve. Whether you need daily cleaning services for an office suite or you require special sanitation for a healthcare facility, or you require any degree of cleaning for any type of business, you can count on DBM Janitorial Services.

To discuss your specific commercial cleaning needs, contact us. Our team is standing by, ready to develop and deploy customized cleaning solutions. 

About Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas is the central business district (CBD) of Dallas, Texas, United States, located in the geographic center of the city. It is the second-largest business district in the state of Texas. The area termed “Downtown” has traditionally been defined as bounded by the downtown freeway loop, bounded on the east by I-345 (although known and signed as the northern terminus of I-45 and the southern terminus of US 75, on the west by I-35E, on the south by I-30, and on the north by Spur 366.

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Tips to Help You Find a Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company in Downtown Dallas, TX

Finding the right commercial cleaning service for your business in Downtown Dallas, TX can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to choose a reliable company that meets your needs. At DBM Janitorial Services, we’ve been dedicated to providing unparalleled service and customer satisfaction for nearly 50 years. Before you decide if we’re the right choice for you, however, we’ve put together the following tips to help you choose the best commercial cleaning service for your Dallas County business.

Check the Company’s Reputation and Experience

A commercial cleaning company with years of experience is a solid indicator of reliability. DBM Janitorial Services has been serving businesses in Downtown Dallas, TX since 1975. That’s almost five decades of experience and knowledge that you can count on to handle all kinds of commercial cleaning tasks effectively.

Review the Services Offered

Not all commercial cleaning companies offer a full range of services. Make sure to choose a company that provides a full range of comprehensive cleaning services, like DBM Janitorial Services. Whether it’s office cleaning, floor waxing, window cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, or specialized sanitation, we’ve got the cleaning needs of your Dallas County business covered.

Verify Credentials 

Credentials play a vital role in ensuring the reliability of a cleaning company. DBM Janitorial Services is licensed, insured, and bonded. We comply with the stringent health and safety regulations in Dallas County and Downtown Dallas, TX. If you have any questions regarding our credentials, feel free to call us.

Customized Cleaning Solutions 

Every business has unique cleaning needs, and a reputable commercial cleaning company will recognize this. At DBM Janitorial Services, we offer customized cleaning plans tailored to your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation in Dallas County, you can count on us for flexible and cost-effective solutions. 

Schedule a Consultation with Dallas County’s Top-Rated Commercial Cleaning Company 

Finding a reliable commercial cleaning company in Downtown Dallas, TX doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these tips, you can make an informed decision and choose the right service provider for your needs. Remember, it’s not just about cleaning; it’s about creating a healthy and productive work environment for your employees. At DBM Janitorial Services, we understand this better than anyone else. Contact us today and experience the difference with our top-rated commercial cleaning services.

How Do We Use Cutting-Edge Technologies To Deliver Effective Cleaning Services?

Our janitorial services business offers numerous cleaning services in Downtown Dallas, TX to eliminate bacteria at the workplace. Our commercial cleaning services crew uses microfiber products, positively charged cleaning tools, and non-ionic chemicals to remove dirt.

Our cleaning methods and products have been proven scientifically to be more effective for long-term results. Our commercial janitorial services in Dallas County ensure that your facility is in excellent condition while adhering to industry regulations.

Our cleaning processes and products remove stains present deep inside the materials and surfaces. Our work reflects our reputation for quality, and we are motivated to deliver fantastic services so your workplace looks its best.

Our crew in TX for commercial cleaning services handles various cleaning tasks, allowing you and your employees to focus on daily responsibilities without worrying about dust, stains, or spills.

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DBM Janitorial Services in Downtown Dallas, TX specializes in janitorial cleaning services, including surface maintenance. We are well-equipped to manage the janitorial needs of your buildings, whether pre-occupancy or post-construction.

We clean your business to make it shine! Our team has the knowledge and experience to make your property look and smell great! We provide professionally trained staff to provide outstanding commercial janitorial services in a clean and sanitary environment!

Let us make your workplace better, healthier, and safer! We assist you in impressing anyone who enters your commercial space by providing exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and a dedicated staff. 

When you are looking for commercial janitorial services near you, you can be confident that our janitorial cleaning services in TX will assist you and exceed your expectations. Call us today for any further information regarding our janitorial services.