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"We had tried several commercial cleaning companies before we finally found a company that was dependable and did a thorough job. I would recommend DBM to anyone."
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Outsourcing commercial and domestic cleaning services has benefits. Deploying commercial cleaning gives a competitive advantage; it saves time, money and allows you to expand your business to outwit the competition. Locating first rate janitorial services helps make a business run efficiently.

Outsource Commercial Cleaning and Focus on Core Competency

Every business provides a specialized service. A company that fails to develop or improve can be outsourced. Outsourcing janitorial services enables you to focus on core issues and company objectives. In other words, you concentrate on business matters and leave the cleaning to us.

Reducing Costs

Outsourcing commercial cleaning saves money. Employing in-house cleaners is costly and cleaning staff add little value to your business. In-house cleaners are added to the company payroll; hence they are entitled to sick pay, holiday pay, plus numerous other benefits. Use highly-trained janitorial services who supply all equipment to cut costs. In-house cleaners need to be trained and business owners are expected to supply the cleaning equipment.

The Turnover Rate

The average cleaning employee hired from a non-servicing service provider stays less than ninety days. Janitorial services utilize reliable staff that will not disappoint their employers. Outsource janitorial needs to overcome constant training costs. A clean office offers ideal working conditions and dirty, dusty offices do not attract custom.


We offer a flexible cleaning service that allows you to adjust your staffing levels accordingly. Our unique janitorial services work on an as-needed basis; this puts you in total control of operational costs. Business owners can adjust staffing levels at any given time and they are welcome to introduce changes to the cleaning rota. Our superb janitorial service offers ultimate flexibility for all businesses.

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