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Returning Students Concerns About Coronavirus, and How Schools Can Help

Traditionally, September ushers in the excitement of the new school year for students across the country. This year, that enthusiasm has been quelled by trepidation; in the light of the continued spread of the Coronavirus, some Texas schools are beginning online courses with the goal to move to physical classes in late September, while other schools have gone ahead with traditional reopening despite caution from health officials. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Bradly Corporation, which has conducted its Healthy Handwashing Survey since 2009, performed an additional 2020 survey focusing on the health concerns of students. The survey results highlight the importance of effective commercial cleaning in Dallas offered by Dallas Building Maintenance Co.

The Healthy Handwashing Survey results examine overall concern regarding personal hygiene, but they are also shedding light on the manifestation of worries over the COVID-19 pandemic. In the initial 2020 survey, 60% of Americans reported concern for catching the traditional flu – a massive increase from the 32% reported four years prior. Coronavirus has magnified these fears, with 58% of students surveyed admitting unease about the return to school. Students were most preoccupied with exposure to germs and other contagions in their school’s bathrooms, followed by classrooms and school cafeterias, respectively. This mirrors the results of the initial 2020 survey, wherein 93% of Americans admitted they avoid public bathroom surfaces as much as possible because of germs. It is in these communal spaces that Dallas janitorial companies will become instrumental.

Handwashing, wearing masks, and social distancing are powerful tools in lessening the chance of transmission. However, the CDC cautioned that COVID-19 may live on surfaces for hours to days and can be contracted through contact with surfaces followed by touching the eyes, mouth, or nose.

In light of the results of the Healthy Handwashing Survey and the awareness that students have expressed regarding their health, the Bradly Corporation encouraged schools to stay proactive to support their returning pupils. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. is a reliable and efficient company servicing commercial buildings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 40 years. The experts at DBM Janitorial Services are versed in the effective disinfection of the Coronavirus. Our qualified professional Dallas janitorial service will prepare and maintain bathrooms and classrooms for students in anticipation of this unpredictable school year.

With the use of cutting-edge maintenance technology, our commercial cleaning services in Dallas, Texas have incredible tools at our disposal to ensure the best possible surface and area disinfection. DBM Janitorial Services is prepared to fight the Coronavirus specifically. Our experts have EPA-approved disinfectants that are difficult to obtain or not utilized by many Dallas janitorial services. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. also employs the use of electrostatic sprayers and foggers, which can boost the efficacy of traditional cleaning methods. These fast and effective cleaning alternatives are essential in the fight against Coronavirus. With the opening of Dallas schools nearly upon us, schools must help ease some concerns surrounding COVID-19 by prioritizing the health, safety, and welfare of their students.