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Research Shows that Cleanliness Does Not Impede Immune Development

The western world has commonly believed that if children’s surroundings are too clean, it will inhibit their ability to develop a resistance against allergies and disease. The “hygiene hypothesis,” as it is known by some, argues cleaning a domestic or educational environment will result in weakened immune systems due to the lack of exposure to bacteria and allergens. However, a recent study out of London shows evidence that a clean environment will not affect a child’s immune development negatively.

The lead author of the paper, University of College London Professor Graham Rook, agrees that exposure to microorganisms during developmental stages is essential to developing a strong immune system. However, his paper argues that a clean environment that prevents exposure to common pathogens will not hinder that process. Commercial cleaning services in Fort Worth can play a successful part in protecting a child’s health.

The last couple of decades has lent to a misunderstanding of how cleaning affects beneficial microorganisms. It is often believed that methods used by commercial cleaning in Dallas, which combats viruses in public environments, negatively affect beneficial microorganisms, too. The ULC study presents convincing evidence that these essential microorganisms that are beneficial to immune development are found in natural environments and not in domestic or commercial settings. Primarily, washing hands and cleaning often touched surfaces keeps infectious diseases at bay while not disrupting the existence of beneficial microorganisms.

What Rook calls “intelligently targeted hygiene or cleaning”—the direct cleanliness of hands and commonly used surfaces—is the type of cleaning that DBM Janitorial Services offers to its commercial clients. Much of the hygiene hypothesis myth relies on anecdotal reports of children’s respiratory reactions to cleaning and is interpreted as the result of a struggling immune system. In fact, the study showed that respiratory complications are a direct response to cleaning agents. Commercial cleaning services in Dallas are essential to the practice of “intelligent cleaning.” Dallas Building Maintenance Co. uses EPA-approved chemicals and cutting-edge technology that sanitizes surfaces and eliminates dangerous bacteria quickly and safely so that schools and businesses know that children are not being negatively affected by cleaning techniques.

Methods used by commercial cleaning in Dallas ensure protection against dangerous bacteria without affecting the beneficial microorganisms. Rook’s paper contends that surfaces and hands are not the places to obtain exposure to those positive elements. Instead, beneficial microorganisms are exposed to children through their mothers, other family members, and the natural environment. Thus, the crucial services that DMB Janitorial Services offer will not deprive children of the essential environment they need to develop a healthy immune system.

As schools return in the wake of a pandemic and a possible intense flu season ahead, it is vital to keep children safe from harmful bacteria that could make them sick and affect their immediate or long-term health. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. services schools and commercial businesses around the Dallas/Ft Worth area and can help ensure that children come in contact with the good organisms and not the harmful ones.

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