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Protecting Your Cleaning Company from Coronavirus Liability Risks

A powerful demand for cleaning companies is imminent in the wake of Coronavirus, as the country reevaluates the importance of hygiene in everyday life. Commercial cleaning companies in Dallas experience this trend, but with high demands comes downsides; burgeoning new cleaning companies without accreditation or experience tote promises of viral disinfection. While there is room for growth in the industry, there is also a high risk of liability when companies fail to follow CDC and EPA protocols and certification conditions. Ignorance of requirements and education put companies in a position to become a health and safety liability.

Dallas janitorial companies are witnessing a high demand as well, but expansion comes with risk. Businesses that immediately offer disinfection solutions without adhering to proper training guidelines may use disinfectants incorrectly or ineffectively, risking the health of employees and clients. Improper use of PPE, which is essential to disinfection, has been consistently linked to healthcare workers contracting diseases during outbreaks and pandemics – a risk that cleaning experts also run. The high demand for devices such as Electrostatic sprayers, which have gained traction through their use on commercial airlines, resulted in a shortage in the supply chain that could last for months, leaving some new businesses in a position to employ sprayers or disinfectant solutions that have not been properly vetted or approved by EPA guidelines.

The growing need for medical office cleaning services in Dallas cannot be ignored, but neither can proper training necessary to offer safe and effective cleaning services. Otherwise, factors like the use of non-effective sprayers, mixing of potentially dangerous chemical compounds, or the improper use of PPE can cause damage to the environment, break health and safety protocols, and cause someone to contract and spread disease, get injured, or even die. Lack of foresight and education can lead a business down the road to a major liability lawsuit.

However, there are simple and affordable ways for businesses to evolve while still protecting themselves from liability. The key is to resist the urge to fly headfirst into a highly demanded industry and, instead, take the steps to procure the essential training required to obtain certification and accreditation. Many office cleaning services in the Fort Worth and Dallas area, such as DBM Janitorial Services, already have these accreditations and the experience needed to properly and safely disinfect properties. Businesses without this experience can take a two- to three-hour course with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council to learn about the intricacies of biohazard response, contamination control, effective disinfection, and proper use of PPE. GBAC offers a certificate upon completion of the course.

For some, the temptation to open a janitorial business during a pandemic is irresistible; but without the proper training and knowledge, businesses can pose a danger and risk liabilities associated with the health and safety of clients and workers. Taking time to procure training and credentials will go a long way to avoid liability and assure that the techniques used are approved, safe, and effective in battling diseases such as the Coronavirus.

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