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Proper Carpet Cleaning Tips

One of the most controversial topics in carpet maintenance is that of carpet cleaning. According to many knowledgeable in the field of proper carpet cleaning tips, carpet cleaning, when done properly is very effective as an interim type of carpet maintenance. However, if done incorrectly, the effects of this type of cleaning is costly.

In order to ensure that carpets are not damaged, it is imperative to train custodians in the proper techniques of carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning offers a valuable method of cleaning carpets recommended by many distributors. It compares to dust mopping in the maintenance of hard surface floors. It helps to keep carpets clean, control stains and clean areas quickly. 

It must be stressed that carpet cleaning is only an interim type of cleaning and the process has changed over time. Today, one should not call the process carpet cleaning. Instead, a better name is interim cleaning with the use of a carpet.

Regardless of what one calls the process, custodial managers agree that the process involves use of precise steps and proper technique to ensure it is effective.

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Before beginning the process, it is essential that carpets are thoroughly vacuumed, a step often overlooked. Removing dry soil before introducing moisture makes fore easier and more effective cleaning.

The problem with adding moisture before vacuuming is that dry soils turn into mud and then seep deep into the fibers of the carpet. The mud is difficult to remove using carpet cleaning, a process designed to clean the tips of carpet fibers.

After the thorough vacuuming, floors should be pretreated using shampoos designed for encapsulating soils or specifically for carpet cleaning. It is essential to use the correct chemicals as the wrong ones increase the chances of building up soap and attracting more dirt to carpets in the end. Chemicals that dry sticky or oily trap more dirt. Encapsulating chemicals or those that dry to a powder are desirable.

Once carpets are pretreated, a number of carpets need to soak in clean water. Each needs to be moist and ready for use. This step requires clean water. The water soaked carpets are designed to attract and remove the soils that have been pretreated.

Shampoos should not be mixed with water for this step. carpeting using a water and cleaner mix only transfers the shampoo into the carpets. It does not remove them from carpet fibers.
Clean a 10×10 square and replace with a fresh carpet. Do not flip carpets to clean additional areas. This only pushes the dirt around instead of absorbing it.

The last step involves vacuuming a final time. Carpets should be dry before the final vacuuming. It is designed to break up detergents and remove any soil they may have left behind.

If carpet cleaning is not done in the correct order, it is possible to spread soils and make carpets even dirtier.

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As carpet cleaning uses little moisture, drying times are reduced, allowing crews to clean the room and have it ready for use quickly. Drying times with this process are half an hour or less when it is done properly.

The process is ideal for those times when there is little time to clean the area. If someone wants to use the area, but notices the carpets look somewhat soiled, the crew can come in quickly, carpet clean the surface of the carpet and have the room looking and smelling fresh in time for the meeting to occur.


Because carpet carpet maintenance is a quick solution to improve the looks between deep cleaning, the recommendations for frequency of cleaning vary widely.

Determine the frequency depending on the soil load. In rooms that have heavy use, it may be necessary to do once per week. In those that see less use, it is possible to hit the high traffic areas weekly and the rest of the room monthly. Target the high traffic areas to eliminate traffic patterns from forming.

Management likes carpet cleaning as it requires less time while presenting the room with a nice face lift for dirty carpets between extraction cleanings.

While recognizing the need to clean carpets correctly, managers recognize there are times to get the job done. carpet cleaning offers a quick method that provides acceptable results. carpet clean when time is short and the need to accomplish the goal must be met quickly.

While carpet cleaning offers many benefits, it is essential to realize the process is only to be used for interim cleaning. It should only be done in conjunction with regularly scheduled maintenance using standard extraction methods.

carpet cleaning only affects the top 1/3 of the carpet fibers. However, it keeps dirt and stains from being driven deep into fibers. With proper use, you do not need to extract as often. Still the method is no replacement for regular extraction methods. It is only a part of the regular maintenance program in caring for buildings.

Pros And Cons of carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning does not create a positive feeling in all facilities. Some refuse to use the process as it involves elevated risks and carpet manufacturers provide firm warnings against its use. The manufacturers often discourage use of the equipment and threaten to void warranties if the carpet cleaning method is used on their product.

Carpet manufacturers oppose carpet cleaning because the equipment operates at 175 rpm. Manufacturers warn the speed of the equipment, along with the weight of the machine (90-100 pounds) creates equipment using a lot of power and function with a lot of weight.

In addition, some carpet cleaning equipment functions at speeds of up to 350 rpm. With the water and friction from carpets, it is easy to heat carpet fibers to the point they melt and are beyond repair.

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A second risk with the use of carpet equipment, according to manufacturers of carpet is that machines use rotary motion, which untwists carpet fibers, may result in fraying, shading and changes in color of the material.

The risk, along with the warranty warnings from the manufacturer are enough to deter many facility maintenance managers from using carpet cleaning on the carpets in the buildings they manage.

Even in facilities that have used carpet cleaning in the past, the voiding of warranties is often enough to cause managers to look for alternative interim cleaning methods. Even though they admit carpeting has a place with the correct type of carpet and training, most fear using it due to manufacturer warnings.

For most managers, the cost of alternative methods to clean the carpets outweighs the risk of voiding the warranty of the carpets. However, if the process is done correctly businesses can experience positive results.

carpet cleaning, is a form of interim cleaning often abused. A lack of training causes the process to be ineffective in many departments, adding to the cost of keeping carpets clean.

Training is often passed from one employee to the next. Proper procedure is lost. If the process is to be used, it should be in written form allowing each employee to use proper carpet cleaning tips each time.

Take time to contact carpet manufacturers to determine the preferred method of cleaning their products.

Take time to make sure the cleaning method is acceptable and recommended by the carpet manufacturer before cleaning any carpets. Never assume the methods you have in place are acceptable with the manufacturer and will not void the warranty. In some cases, carpet cleaning is acceptable by the manufacturer and crews prefer it.

In many cases, the guidelines for new carpeting are available at no additional cost online. When shopping for new carpets and you have already invested in carpet equipment, look for carpets that allow cleaning using the machines you have already. Be proactive and involved in the decision process of the carpet to be installed in your building.

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