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Preparing & Preventing An Illness Outbreak In Your Workplace

No one knows when the next infection outbreak will occur or what type of infection it will be. That is why people who work for a janitorial service will have to take the necessary precautions to prepare for any situation. Blackwell recommends that people start by considering the possible pandemic and the way the diseases can be transferred.

She says many diseases, such as Measles or Influenza, can be transmitted through the airborne route or droplets. Other diseases, such as Clostidrum difficile can be transmitted through contaminated surfaces.

Dunbar agrees and advocates for a multipronged approach. She says it is important to consider how each infection is transmitted. Measles can be transmitted from person to person through the air, so there are questions that need to be addressed. Do we need to put patients in an isolation tent in order to move them? Do we need to wait a certain amount before we clean before the air cycles? The process can be different. It depends on how the disease is transmitted.

Not only do disinfecting and cleaning procedures have to be outline for the different diseases, the pandemic plans will need to address simple tasks, such as reviewing hand-washing techniques or having the necessary cleaning techniques.

Dunbar urges people to have have their tools ready even though an outbreak may never occur. Ebola carts have been set up and they are in one place if they are ever needed.

Dunbar found gaps that need to be addressed when reviewing the processes, such as cleaning a room with a child in it or how to seal a transport drum. She admitted there were a lot of things that they did not think would be an issue.

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Why Choose DBM For Janitorial Services in Frisco?

In Frisco, commercial cleaning services can tackle all of the tough cleaning jobs that are often overlooked by most people. For instance, who would consider not only sweeping stairs, but polishing every rise and stair as well? This can have a huge impact on office aesthetics and safety, especially during wet winter months when salt can build up in these spaces. The small improvements provided by commercial cleaning companies can lead to major changes in the offices that work with these entities. Let these professionals clean up your office and eliminate the germs that lead to sickness and loss of productivity due to absenteeism.

Commercial cleaning services can vary quite a bit in overall quality and thus, company owners should make sure to perform plenty of research in order to chose reputable, reliable and courteous providers. If your company could use this type of assistance, consider Dallas Building Maintenance. With a commitment to providing superior service and complete sanitization, our team knows how to create clean, attractive offices. Get in touch with us today to request your quote.

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