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Overlooked Areas That Commercial Cleaning Addresses

commercial cleaning dallasWhen you utilize commercial cleaning services for your commercial space here in Dallas, you can rest assured that all areas will be covered, even areas that you may have overlooked. With personalized cleaning schedules and routines, you specific needs will be met. One of the best benefits of using commercial cleaning is the attention to areas that may be missed. In fact, here are some common areas that are often overlooked when you are not using commercial cleaning.

  • High-touch surfaces: Although general surface cleaning is the primary emphasis of many cleaning services, high-touch surfaces and common areas require extra cleaning. These consist of handrails, elevator buttons, light switches, doorknobs, and shared equipment. Frequent cleaning of these spaces promotes a better work environment for both staff and customers by stopping the spreading of germs. Commercial cleaning companies understand that these high-touch areas need specific attention and will make sure they are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Electronics: Electronic equipment including phones, keyboards, computer mouse, and touchscreens may often get overlooked when cleaning. However, if not cleaned, these surfaces may be home to bacteria and other pathogens. Including the sanitization of electronic equipment in the cleaning process keeps the work area hygienic and lowers the possibility of spreading illnesses. Commercial cleaning professionals know what products can be safely used to clean and sanitize electronics and will incorporate that into their cleaning schedule and routine. 
  • HVAC systems: Indoor air quality is another area that is often overlooked. Dust, allergens, and other pollutants can build up in HVAC units, air ducts, and ventilation systems over time. To encourage a healthy indoor environment, these systems require routine maintenance and cleaning. Adding HVAC systems to your commercial cleaning plan will help lower the risk of respiratory sickness and enhance the overall air quality of your commercial space. 
  • Light fixtures: Over time, dirt and dust tend to gather on elevated surfaces such as ceiling fans and light fixtures. Ignoring these places can have an effect on not just the lighting in your commercial space, but also the general cleanliness of it. In addition to making the area more aesthetically pleasing, routine dusting and cleaning of ceiling fixtures and lighting helps stop the spread of allergies and will also contribute to better indoor air quality. 
  • Garbage cans/receptacles: While typical cleaning usually entails emptying garbage cans, they often overlook the bins themselves and the spaces surrounding them. Commercial cleaning services understand that garbage cans can harbor germs and smells that create unfavorable environments and can even pose health risks. Garbage cans should be cleaned and disinfected on the inside as well as the outside in order to maintain a hygienic work environment, and these areas will not be overlooked by commercial cleaning. 

Attention to these often overlooked areas through commercial cleaning services improves the overall hygienic conditions of a commercial space, fosters a better work environment, boosts employee morale, and supports the welfare of both staff and customers occupying the space. If you are looking for commercial cleaning in Dallas, let DBM Janitorial show you what we have to offer.

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