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Outsourced Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Dallas and the Metroplex

Benefits of Outsourcing Cleaning

Outsourcing janitorial services is a workable cost cutting solution that can help stabilize costs, improve services, protect your building’s assets and manage and reduce your workload.  The details are below.


Reduced Cost

Do you really need more employees and the hassle of paying those employees to say nothing of dealing with payroll tax, paid leave time, etc.? Then there’s equipment to purchase, supplies, training. And supervision! That’s why DBM can save you money. And liability and insurance costs get transferred to your cleaning company.


commercial cleaning dallas can be dangerous. Climbing to clean hard to reach places, handling power equipment. Janitorial cleaning companies have highly trained staff who follow proper safety practices.

Specialized Expertise

Janitorial companies like DBM employ trained specialists capable of managing the cleaning needs of not only offices but entire buildings.  And these companies stay at the forefront of the latest technologies such as green LEED cleaning (an industry standard) and Touch Point Cleaning (for cleaning hotspots where germs and viruses gather).  Companies like DBM can do large-scale cleanups, exterior work such as parking lot cleaning.  No cleaning task is impossible.


High Standards

Janitorial staff provided by specialized staffing companies like DBM are carefully screened to ensure that honest, hardworking individuals are the only ones trusted to access commercial buildings or offices. Since work is usually done before or after main business hours, this is of the utmost importance. Once they’re chosen, these workers are highly trained and meticulous in the services they provide.


When janitorial staff is employed in-house, it can be difficult to increase or decrease the number of workers quickly. By outsourcing to a third party, a commercial enterprise acquires a valuable commodity:  flexibility. If the company suddenly needs additional staff temporarily such as after an event or due to a major cleanup, all it needs to do is pick up the phone and call DBM!


Outsourcing Janitorial Services is a Win-Win

Outsourcing to a specialized janitorial staffing company like DBM helps relieve some of the stress that comes with managing an office or company. An outsourced company like DBM can provide the right solution to any commercial cleaning companies dallas tx need.

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