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Odor Removal Company

Advanced Odor Removal Technology - We Can Tackle Any Tough Odor

Strong or offensive odors in your place of business can be more than just a minor irritation—they can actually turn your customers away and make it difficult for your employees to get work done. At DBM Janitorial , we specialize in odor removal services, and we’re ready to tackle any odor problems you may be experiencing.

Whether you need carpet odor removal, odor removal from restroom areas, or even specialized air quality services, we have solutions to fit your business. Our team has been assisting Dallas-area commercial properties since 1975, and our crews are equipped with advanced equipment and products to solve odor problems quickly.

Smoke, Mildew, & More

In cases where a commercial property has suffered from a fire or flood, very strong and unpleasant smells can linger. Depending on the severity of the event, these smells can often permeate into carpeting, walls, ceilings, furniture, and more; once they set in, it can be virtually impossible to get them out using conventional methods.

DBM uses the latest in cleaning technology and products to remove these offensive odors, leaving your business smelling clean and fresh. In fact, it will smell better than it ever has. Our crews also check for harmful mildew and mold, and if any is found, we’ll remove it, leaving you with safe indoor air.

Benefits of Working With An Odor Removal Company

  • Improves public image
  • Improves employee morale
  • Protects against mold spores
  • Increases productivity
  • Removes the need for ineffective air fresheners
  • Increases quality of life

Our Air Quality Technicians

Each one of our air quality technicians is trained to offer the best in air quality improvement services. We can meet with you to discuss your specific needs and then we can create a customized plan that targets the odors you’re dealing with. Because not all odors are the same, our removal strategy will be tailored to address the specific cause of the problem.

Once our technicians have completely removed the odors in your place of business, a third-party inspector will come in to ensure that the work was completed correctly.

Don’t let offensive odors dampen your day or turn customers away—contact DBM today at (972) 620-9200 to get a free estimate and to learn how we can make your commercial property smell great.

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