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National Cleaning Week Shines a Spotlight on Janitorial Services

It is time to celebrate National Cleaning Week, which runs from March 28th to April 3rd. Headed by the ISSA, National Cleaning Week educates about the importance of cleaning and advocates on behalf of professional cleaners. Perhaps now more than ever, companies like DBM Janitorial Services have stepped into the spotlight as frontline workers in the wake of the global pandemic.

Spirits are rising due to lower transmission rates and vaccine availability, but COVID-19 is not the only reason to value cleanliness. Influenza and other contagions continue to affect workforces and livelihoods throughout the year, and commercial cleaning companies dallas are an asset that protects the health and safety of employees. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. offers a variety of services that not only disinfect to lower illness transmission rates but also serve the betterment of building health that enforces the professional appearance of spaces and the happiness of the workers who inhabit them.

One of the most valuable services that commercial cleaning companies in Dallas can offer is Touch Point Cleaning. It is easy to notice dirty areas in communal spaces, but it is also simple to overlook items and surfaces that do not appear soiled. Light switches, telephones, doorknobs, and elevator buttons are examples of high-traffic areas that are not always cleaned properly. As a result, these Touch Points can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that can easily spread. Our Dallas janitorial service understands that Touch Point Cleaning is one of the most essential cleaning services to be offered, especially for commercial businesses.

Carpets and floors are also, unfortunately, areas that withstand a lot of traffic but can be overlooked. Carpets, which are prone to a lack of upkeep, can be particularly dangerous. Not only can germs and viruses hide in the fibers, but invisible dangers such as mold can thrive due to water damage and moist environments. From an aesthetic angle, unclean carpets risk causing an office or retail space to look worn and unprofessional. Dallas janitorial services offer a variety of solutions to these problems, including deep carpet cleaning, stain retardant treatments, and anti-static treatments. These methods can also utilize dry cleaning options and fast-drying times which is perfect for busy companies with tight schedules.

One of the amazing tools that Dallas Building Maintenance Co. has available is an electrostatic disinfectant. This cutting-edge technology, which has been used to combat the Coronavirus, involves a fast-acting disinfectant solution that kills viruses on contact and maintains its sanitizing qualities over time. This safe and efficient solution is perfect for large areas and hard-to-reach places, like furniture and under tables, that cannot be effectively cleaned traditionally.

Using both traditional cleaning methods and advanced technologies, DBM Janitorial Services is equipped to sanitize and maintain commercial businesses. Whether it be floors, bathrooms, or air ducts, experienced cleaning companies give industries the best possible frontline advocacy for safe and healthy commercial businesses. National Cleaning Week celebrates the importance of cleanliness and the professional services that help keep businesses, clients, and employees happy and healthy every week of the year.

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