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Keeping It Clean – And Green!

When we think of the benefits of technology in the workplace, it is easy to keep our minds on the most obvious changes that have come over the years. Many workplaces have incorporated the most cutting-edge technologies to sustain the ease of productivity, whether it is easily accessed websites, company e-mail, or apps that allow employees to clock in and out and organize their time and work documents.

But technology isn’t always obviously physical to be beneficial. When one thinks of cleaning technology, it’s easy to think about autonomous functions that don’t require a human being to participate in. Robotic vacuums, for example, have become common in households; even if most people haven’t embraced cleaning technology to that extreme, it isn’t uncommon to find electric air fresheners aiding in keeping bathroom or office air clean, or electric hand dryers that encourage sustainability and less waste. However, technology isn’t just about the most obvious and physical uses of electronics. It can be about looking into the future and using our knowledge and expertise to make changes that will better the Earth’s environment and the future of humanity.

When it comes to commercial businesses, “going green” has become an expectation. The harmful factors of waste and energy used by the commercial industry are having a huge impact on our planet. Not every single business is solely responsible for damage to our environment, but when every business is put together, all the small choices made can lead to very impactful, very big outcomes. That’s why many states, including Texas, have implicated incentives that encourage businesses to embrace green energy that can be implemented from the inception of an entire building to its demolition. One of these initiatives, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a certification program that guides the development of commercial buildings in all aspects from architecture to engineering to daily operation and beyond.

First developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED has spearheaded changes in green building and development for over 25 years. LEED requires very specific expectations for building certification but inspires to create long-lasting and sustainable buildings that will lessen the negative impacts on our environment while giving companies the technology and support they need to run efficiently. One of the requirements for LEED certification is to employ cleaning services that uphold certification requirements for green cleaning. Not all janitorial companies have this certification, but DBM Inc. Professional Janitorial Services does.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, certified janitorial services aim to keep buildings clean and sanitized while maintaining green cleaning standards. By employing state of the art cleaning technology, a janitorial company can offer green cleaning alternatives that maintain cleanliness expectations while lessening the creation of waste and exposure to harmful chemicals. DBM was ahead of the curve as one of the first cleaning companies in Texas to embrace the future of green cleaning.

Technology isn’t just about the physical development of technological advances – it’s also about looking towards a positive and healthy future for humanity. That’s why DBM is LEED-certified and eager to offer green cleaning services to your company.

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