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Keep Holiday Shoppers’ Confidence High This Cold and Flu Season

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic is not going to slow it down. Janitorial services in Dallas, Texas may prepare to find themselves busy, too, as cleanliness is a high concern for Americans right now. But how are Americans truly feeling about the safety and cleanliness of retail spaces looking into this looming shopping season? A timely survey backed by the American Cleaning Institute from September has helped shed a little light on how consumers are feeling.

The survey sampled 1,005 English-speaking adults from the Continental U.S., ages 18 and over, and the results seem optimistic. 72% of respondents 55 years of age and older feel that businesses are cleaning adequately, and 59% of Americans aged 18-34 agree. Why there is a discrepancy in those numbers is subjective, but what is clear is that janitorial services in Dallas, Texas, should be an asset in the maintenance of a businesses’ cleanliness throughout the remainder of the year. Hopefully, transparent disinfection practices will continue to raise customer confidence in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

In general, just over half of Americans (at 51%) believe that businesses, schools, and other public areas are maintaining adequate cleaning standards. While this is a strong starting point for the holiday season, retail and public businesses can elevate customer approval through the professional cleaning and disinfection services offered by DBM Janitorial Services. The American Cleaning Institute released a Healthy Returns Toolkit, complete with guides and signage, for businesses to further support satisfactory cleanliness. However, with the onslaught of shoppers and traffic coming and going through the season, every business in Dallas benefits from commercial cleaning companies. 

Another important note in this survey regards the efficacy of cleaning products against COVID-19, cold, and flu viruses. The 55 and over group exhibited a 90% confidence in cleaning products, while the 18-34 admitted to 81%. This is great news for commercial cleaning companies in Dallas, as it illustrates a positive foundation for the public’s faith in clean public spaces. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. ensures that they use the only EPA approved disinfectant that is best at battling Coronavirus. Due to demand, many office cleaning services in Fort Worth do not have access to this disinfectant, nor do many of them use it or offer the thorough and safe methods that DBM Janitorial services offer.

The American Cleaning Institute’s survey is extremely promising, but the underlying expectation for maintaining and improving business cleanliness is, perhaps, more important than ever this season. Public and retail areas will see an increase in patronage and staff may find it difficult to stay abreast with the essential disinfecting procedures suggested by most agencies. Office cleaning services in Fort Worth and the Dallas area are integral to keeping customers safe and happy during this time. With the use of approved disinfectants and chemicals and advanced cleaning methods like electrostatic spraying, Dallas Building Maintenance Co. will stay on top of your business’ cleaning needs and help keep your customers safe and satisfied.