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Janitors on Airplanes?

As one of the industries most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines across the globe must quickly adapt sanitation methods to a new socially distancing world and ensure the safety and health of their travelers. While one might not immediately associate the hygienic practices of airlines to Dallas janitorial services, these expert cleaning companies have a lot to offer to the shifting hygienic demands of commercial airlines.

For example, American Airlines is based in Dallas TX, home to several Dallas commercial cleaning companies. In 2019, over 215 million people flew American Airlines, and there is no argument that it is one of the most well-known airlines in the United States. American Airlines is actively shifting the paradigm of cleanliness in the wake of COVID-19 as their website outlines the rules regarding rescheduled flights, required compliance with wearing facial coverings, and intensified sanitation practices. Predictions of how air travel may change now dominate airline discourse, and among some of the projected outcomes is the suggestion of in-flight janitors.

Many people may have trouble translating office cleaning in Dallas TX to the cabins in American Airlines commercial carriers, but it is not a far leap. Similar to office spaces, medical institutions, or even school rooms, the frequency of use and close quarters of an airplane invite the same contamination problems as any high-traffic area. Seats, bathrooms, and touchpoints such as airflow controls and flight attendant buttons are all embedded into the commercial flight experience, and present areas rife with transmission risks. While airlines have pledged dedication to ramp up cleaning techniques, many airplanes can have as low as a half-hour turnaround to implement sanitation measures. This is already a tight timeline and still does not address hygienic concerns that can develop on domestic or international flights that frequently span multiple hours. While cleaning a plane is essential in between flights, there is also comfort in imagining the addition of Dallas janitorial companies joining you during a 16-hour jaunt from Dallas TX to Hong Kong.

With expert janitorial services on board such flights, travelers can find security in knowing that hygienic practices are not only important to commercial airlines but are also being actively sustained even in complicated close quarters. In-flight janitors can maintain practices outside the purview of flight attendants, such as cleaning bathrooms in between each use, distributing wipes and sanitizers, and deploying safe and effective sanitation measures both with and without airline passengers present.

Airlines, such as American, could deploy a commercial cleaning company from Dallas TX to sanitize aircraft professionally and expertly. Since cleaning experts such as those at DBM Janitorial Services are adept at thorough cleaning practices, they could maintain such measures from effective and fast fogging techniques before boarding to touchpoint cleaning that could be maintained regularly during flights. With the importance of safety and sanitation now at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you may look forward to the possibility of greeting both your flight attendant and in-flight janitor while boarding your next plane.