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Why Janitorial Services Are Required At Workplaces In Highland Park, TX?

In today’s time, with the growing uproar of minimalism, janitorial services are an unavoidable cleaning requirement, especially in commercial business settings.

Commercial cleaning included in janitorial services improves the ambiance of the workplace and emits subtle positivity in the workspace environment, which eventually helps in employee retention & prospects traction.

According to media reports, within the next five years, the janitorial cleaning services industry will roughly generate a revenue of 300 billion USD. The figures are a proxy of the recent uprise of professional commercial cleaning services and highlight the requirement for janitorial services, especially in metropolitans like Dallas County.

Even after knowing the importance of janitorial services, hiring commercial cleaningin Highland Park, TX is still a far-fetched idea for many businesses. Hence DBM Janitorial Services has compiled reasons why janitorial services are a must for workspaces in Highland Park, TX.

Janitorial services are regular commercial cleaning services duties, with routine cleaning at set intervals in larger commercial spaces like offices, malls, hospitals, etc. The janitorial cleaning includes:

1) Surface Cleaning: Janitorial cleaning is mainly about cleaning the surfaces like floors on pre-set intervals at places like hospitals. At DBM Janitorial Services, our janitors are well-trained to perform commercial cleaning in high-maintenance areas.

2) Sanitization: In Dallas County, after the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitation operation is primary reason businesses hire janitorial services in Highland Park, TX.

Let’s get straight to the top four reasons why janitorial services are a must at workspaces.

1) Uplifts The Atmosphere Of Workplace

The degree of cleanliness at any workplace uplifts or lowers the atmosphere. Hiring reputed janitorial companies like DBM Janitorial Services can significantly boost your workspace atmosphere. Janitorial services include odor removal, restroom cleaning, and sanitization services to deliver the best commercial cleaning services in Dallas County.

2) Ensures Workplace Safety From Theft

Many offices report that their contractual commercial cleaning & sweeping employees run away with costly items. To avoid such theft incidents, hiring a commercial janitorial services company like DBM Janitorial Services is a wise decision for businesses in Dallas County.

At DBM Janitorial Services, all the cleaning staff is background-tested before deploying them to the client’s site for commercial cleaning services. With DBM Janitorial Services, you rest assured of your workplace safety and security even in your absence.

3) State-Of-Art Cleaning Equipment For Top-Notch Cleaning Results

It’s difficult for normal cleaning staff to deliver top-notch commercial cleaning services with their traditional cleaning products. By hiring leading janitorial companies like DBM Janitorial Servicesone gets access to a team of highly experienced janitors who can easily carry out big janitorial cleaning projects very quickly.

At DBM Janitorial Services, our janitors are equipped with the latest equipment, like auto washers & scrubbing machines, to deliver the best janitorial cleaning service in no time.

DBM Janitorial Services Makes Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services Viable For Big and Small Firms!

DBM Janitorial Services is one of the best janitor services providers in Dallas County since 1975. At DBM Janitorial Services, we offer customized cleaning plans to match clients’ requirements at affordable rates. By choosing our janitorial services in Highland Park, TX one gets to enjoy various exclusive facilities like:

  1. A) Cleaning Inspection: At DBM Janitorial Services, we have additional cleaning inspectors to inspect the quality of commercial cleaning performed by our janitors.
  1. B) One Month Trial Run: As a leading commercial cleaning & janitorial services provider, at DBM Janitorial Services, we offer our clients a free month trial period to let them experience our cleaning expertise.

C) Locally Owned: DBM Janitorial Services is a locally owned janitorial services whose only objective is to serve its clients in the fastest way possible.


More Information!

Highland Park is a highly affluent town in central Dallas County, Texas, United States. The population was 8,564 at the 2010 census. It is located between the Dallas North Tollway and U.S. Route 75, 4 miles (6 km) north of downtown Dallas.

The land now known as Highland Park was bought in 1889 by a group of investors from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known as the Philadelphia Place Land Association, for an average price of $377 an acre, with a total of $500,000. Henry Exall, an agent, intended to develop the land along Turtle Creek as Philadelphia Place, exclusive housing based on parkland areas in Philadelphia. He laid gravel roads, and dammed Turtle Creek, forming Exall Lake, before the Panic of 1893 brought a blow to his fortunes, halting development. Afterwards, he began a horse breeding farm. In the 1890s, Exall Lake was a common picnic destination for Dallas residents.

In 1906, John S. Armstrong (the former partner of Thomas Marsalis, the developer of Oak Cliff), sold his meatpacking business and invested his money in a portion of the former Philadelphia Place land, to develop it under the name of Highland Park. He chose this name as it was located on high land that overlooked downtown Dallas. Wilbur David Cook, the landscape designer who had planned Beverly Hills, California, and George E. Kessler, who had previously planned Fair Park and most of downtown Dallas, were hired to design its layout in 1907. Notably, twenty percent of the original land was set aside for parks. A second development in Highland Park was developed in 1910.

In 1913, Highland Park petitioned Dallas for annexation, but was refused. The 500 residents voted to incorporate on November 29, 1913, and incorporation was granted in 1915, when its population was 1,100. The first mayor of Highland Park was W. A. Fraser. A third and fourth development were added to the town in 1915 and 1917, respectively. In 1919, the city of Dallas sought to annex Highland Park, beginning a lengthy controversy that lasted until 1945. J. W. Bartholow led the fight to resist the annexation. The final major land development occurred in 1924. In 1931, Highland Park Village was constructed, the first of its kind in the United States. The distinctive Moorish Style ornamental metalwork and lighting in Highland Park Village were created by Potter Art Metal Studios, a 90-year-old custom metalwork company still in existence today.

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