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Janitorial Services are Essential in the Recovery from the Snowstorm

In mid-February, an unprecedented snowstorm hit Texas and left 4 million without electricity as temperatures dipped into the single digits. As people begin to return to a state of normalcy, there is no doubt that physical and emotional recovery will be a long road. Commercial businesses were no less affected than individuals by the weather, as many closed in preparation for the storm or due to power loss, burst water pipes, and building damage. In the weeks and months ahead, Dallas janitorial companies will be an essential factor in recuperating damaged properties.

As many people grapple with the complicated and extensive repair needs caused by burst pipes and roof damage, the janitorial services offered by Dallas Building Maintenance Co. will help Texas industries reclaim a safe environment for returning employees and clients. Water pipes that leaked or burst in the cold led to massive amounts of flooding in homes and businesses that threaten the health and safety of individuals. Dallas janitorial companies can facilitate a system in league with plumbers and other repair services to ensure affected buildings are once again safely inhabitable.

Flooding caused by burst pipes and other weather damage can do incredible harm to surrounding structures that isn’t always obvious. Water can erode concrete and brick, leading to a compromise in the structural integrity of a building. Leaking water from pipes can also contain toxins and bacteria that are threatening to humans and animals. DBM Janitorial Services uses advanced cleaning techniques that battle complex bacteria, contagions, and other hazards to ensure that both dirty and newly replaced flooring, surfaces, and ventilation systems remain safe and clean.

Carpets can be especially troublesome after water damage and quickly become a hotbed for contamination. Often, people believe that simply airing out and drying a water-damaged carpet is enough, but that is far from the case. Parts of the carpet, especially the underside, can unknowingly remain wet, and microscopic amounts of mold begin to flourish in such conditions within 48 hours. Mold grows quickly, and spores released into the air lowers environmental well-being and can even cause long-term breathing problems for those exposed to it. Office cleaning services in Fort Worth have the expertise and tools necessary to maintain air and building quality and help protect people from detrimental and lingering health issues.

In the aftermath of the storm, thoroughly cleaning and replacing water-damaged materials is paramount to safety. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. offers deep cleaning carpet options that include steam cleaning, extraction methods, and fast-drying times. Wood, laminate, and other hard floorings will also need to be cleaned and replaced if damaged or exposed to flooding. It’s important for companies to fully take advantage of what office cleaning services in Fort Worth have to offer.

The last 12 months have been a harrowing experience for many communities, and the damage the storm inflicted on Texas is no exception. However, the DBM Janitorial Services cleaning solutions and cutting-edge technology will help commercial businesses regain safe environments as companies prepare their spaces to open to the public once again.