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Janitorial Sector Expected to Grow by 7% Over the Next Decade

It is not uncommon to read headlines every day that caution the implication of technology in various industries, and the risks that come with displacing working human beings with autonomous processes. Self-checkout lanes in grocery stores or the use of cheap yearly tax programs are examples of jobs that can be displaced by technology – and janitorial services have also been under scrutiny when it comes to commercial growth expectations.

But are commercial cleaning companies really at the risk of suffering decline based on the way technology and our social structures have changed over the years? One might think so. More integrated office spaces and relaxed work environments may make it seem like an employee with a bottle of bleach and five extra minutes on the clock might displace cleaning services, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a 7% increase is expected in the janitorial sector over the next decade. That is 2% higher than the average growth rate for any industry, and a positive and bright future for commercial cleaning companies. The fact of the matter is, trade industries are essential to everyday functions, and commercial cleaning services like DBM offer efficient and expert consultation and outcomes that will keep buildings and offices up to par with expected and legal requirements for cleanliness.

But why are we seeing such a large projected increase in the janitorial industry for the next decade? There are likely many factors that play into this fact, and a lot of them have to do with how our society has evolved within the workplace. Millennials are now the largest generation active in the workforce, and various surveys have reflected that they are more preoccupied with cleanliness than previous generations. The open office model has become more common, and while doing away with cubicles has offered more space in offices for more employees, it also means workers have more contact with each other than ever before. Education and awareness of viral transmission and contamination are also more readily available, so it’s only natural that workers and managers are eager to bring a higher quality of cleanliness to workspaces in order to avoid the spread of illness and increase productivity.

The time spent in offices is also likely a large factor. Americans currently work harder than ever before, usually putting in far more than the expected average of 40 hours a week. Just last year, Texas ranked 4th in the country for the highest workweek hours.

With so much time spent in the office, the comfort offered by sanitation and cleanliness is essential to worker health and overall office morale. This kind of care can’t be expected to be left to employees who are skilled at the jobs they were hired for. Thus, the demand for full-service, expert janitorial services offered by DBM Inc. is likely to continue to increase over the next decade to keep up with the way industry culture and productivity evolves.

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