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Janitorial Companies Have an Important Part to Play in Keeping Hybrid Workspaces Safe

It’s clear the landscape of office work evolved during the pandemic, and for the long term. Major companies like Apple and Google will embrace a hybrid model of business indefinitely, which would allow employees to work from home as well as the office. In a recent survey done by Prudential, 87% of American workers reported that they want to work from home at least once a week, and 68% support a complete hybrid model. This also allows companies to downsize their office space, which will save them money and accommodate employees’ desires to work remotely. However, this change will lend to businesses encouraging workers to share desks and workspaces. Dallas janitorial companies have an important part to play in keeping those spaces safe.


With nearly 70% of people working from home during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no wonder that many employees feel that their quality of life improved being in their homes and with their families. So much so that 42% of workers reported to Prudential that if their employers do not offer partial work from home opportunities, they will look for a different job that does. And while the shared workspace model makes the most sense, employers run the risk of exposing workers to other viruses and contagions if they do not take office cleaning in Dallas TX seriously.


Professional cleaning companies such as DBM Janitorial Services remain essential, even as the pandemic wanes. A hybrid return to shared office spaces carries the risk that many viruses, like the seasonal flu, will spread readily if not kept in check. The last year showed the important work that Dallas Building Maintenance Co. does as people are now more aware of how a virus can spread. The encouragement of good hygiene and social distancing resulted in an almost non-existent flu season over the winter and illustrates how beneficial it is to workers and companies to continue to uphold high standards in a healthy workplace. Office cleaning in Dallas TX will have a massive effect on how well companies keep shared spaces clean.


Especially in the case of companies who have downsized and will encourage workers to share desks and work surfaces, Dallas janitorial companies will be invaluable in maintaining clean office spaces. Traditional cleaning multiple times a day, like surface wiping, sanitizes frequently used areas where viruses and bacteria freely populate. For example, microscopic contagions, like the common cold, can live on a hard surface for up to 72 hours.


It can be difficult for employees to keep up with detailed cleaning while they juggle their responsibilities, and DBM Janitorial Services offers vital services to businesses and commercial spaces that will maintain a healthy workforce. Professionals know to employ methods like Touch-Point cleaning, which touches high traffic places that can be forgotten. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. also offers cutting edge-technology like electrostatic fogging and knowledgeable cleaning of vents and carpets, which ensures hybrid workers have a clean and safe workspace to return to and share with each other.

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