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Is UV-C Light Technology Worth the Cost?

In response to the growing sanitation concerns following the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, it’s no surprise that many  Dallas janitorial companies have begun to implement even more sophisticated cleaning technology, such as the electrostatic foggers used by Dallas Building Maintenance Co. As businesses reopen, the demand for effective sanitation options makes room for the marketing of new technologies that have yet to be vetted for durability or safety and can be quite costly. One of the technologies at the forefront of these concerns is UV-C light.

Ultraviolet light, or UV, is no stranger to hygienics. UV-C attacks the bonds between the RNA and DNA of viruses and bacteria which renders them inert. Its promising disinfection properties have attracted the attention of individuals and businesses who often lack knowledge of licensed janitorial protocols essential to commercial cleaning companies in Dallas, which may result in inadequate disinfection.

The shortage of traditional wipes and sprays used to clean office spaces and personal items has resulted in a rush on UV-C handheld wands, which drives up the prices significantly. While professionals at DBM Janitorial Services have been trained on the usage and research of the cleaning technology they employ, untrained individuals who lack understanding of how UV-C light works can trigger results that are, at best, ineffective and, at worst, dangerous to the user. Research has shown UV-C is more effective on some surfaces than others, and it is reliant on time and distance of exposure. Incorrect use of these wands can lead to long term damage to eyesight and may cause cancer. And while commercial cleaning services in Dallas can ensure the authenticity of their professional and researched technologies, individuals who acquire wands online have no way of knowing if they actually obtained an genuine UV-C tool or have been tricked into purchasing an overpriced flashlight.

Some facilities have also considered installing a form of UV-C light, called far UV-C light, at the entrances of their buildings, as a way to kill any Coronavirus that might be on a person’s hands or clothes. However, this form of UV has come under fire for lacking research regarding any long-term health effects. Its usefulness in combating the virus has also been questioned, since infected individuals can continue to spread Coronavirus through air droplets even after exposure to far UV-C. While the efficacy of this technology requires more research, professional Dallas janitorial companies like Dallas Building Maintenance Co. can regularly clean and sanitize with tried and true methods in a manner that is both safe and efficient.

The proposed potency of state-of-the-art techniques such as UV-C lights is understandably seductive to individuals and business owners. However, the expense of installing and implementing such technologies without the knowledge of effectiveness or safety can risk a costly and undesired outcome. Hiring professional office cleaning services in Fort Worth and surrounding areas is still the most cost-effective way to assure your business is being sanitized correctly. The tried and true cleaning services offered by DBM Janitorial Services will sanitize workspaces and ensure the health of your employees.

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