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Improper Medical Sanitation May Damage Equipment and Encourage HAIs

Healthcare facilities are envisioned as safe places where people go to recover and heal. While health care workers do their best to protect those most vulnerable, unseen threats lurk in these buildings and offices that quickly endanger the lives of patients and visitors alike. One of the most common and insidious challenges susceptible patients are up against are health care-acquired infections (HAIs). There is no argument that HAIs can be prevented through proper disinfection of equipment and surfaces. But what happens when surfaces are not properly sanitized? And what can Dallas medical office cleaning do to help?

The problems that arise with improperly cleaned surfaces and equipment in healthcare facilities are two-fold. In the first instance, healthcare professionals are not always trained in the proper disinfectant techniques needed, especially for difficult soft surfaces and electronic equipment. Like those offered by Dallas Building Maintenance Co., professional cleaning services are assured to be properly trained in EPA-approved disinfectants and the technologies used to effectively deploy sanitation.

Overworked and under-trained healthcare workers may try to quickly clean surfaces by using whatever is available between patients, which often means using corrosive disinfectants on surfaces they are not designed for. Workers may also feel rushed, which may cause them to overlook areas that need cleaning, especially hard-to-reach places. Professionals who offer commercial cleaning services in Dallas are already experienced in recognizing every corner of a hospital room or office space that need attention. If healthcare facilities regularly employ the professional cleaning services offered by DBM Janitorial Services, the chances of surfaces, furniture, and electronics being overlooked lessens, which in turn lowers the likelihood of HAI spread.

Caustic disinfectants can also cause a potential health risk to untrained individuals, especially if they are lacking the correct PPE or ventilation necessary to keep them safe. Additionally, these disinfectants damage soft surfaces by causing a breakdown in the fabric which leads to tears and fissures where bacteria and viruses can not only hide but thrive. Dallas medical office cleaning is essential to healthcare facilities but is best left to professionals like those at DBM Janitorial Services.

The second danger posed by untrained personnel using disinfectants incorrectly is equipment destruction. A study on just a single hospital found that inappropriate cleaning techniques damaged hundreds of complex equipment. This results in expensive replacement costs and malfunctioning emergency devices. Unfortunately, this study found that vague or omitted cleaning directions provided by manufacturers contribute to this, as health care workers do not have the experience with proper chemical usage that commercial cleaning services in Dallas do. To avoid expensive equipment damage, Dallas Building Maintenance Co. uses high-tech cleaning techniques, such as electrostatic fogging.

Although HAIs may always be a reality in healthcare facilities, there are ways to mitigate their threat. Knowledgeable cleaning techniques, the use of the correct equipment, and frequent cleaning offered exclusively by janitorial professionals will help take the burden off healthcare workers and create a safer and healthier environment for them and their vulnerable patients.

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