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How Your Office May Be Damaging the Health of Your Employees

The impact the office environment has on the health and wellness of workers may be common sense, but a research professor at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health put that belief to the test. Assistant Professor Joe Allen and a team of researchers cracked down on this oft believed, but insofar factually unsupported, theory in 2018. They found through controlled tests in various work environments that unhealthy offices make for unhealthy workers. Hiring professional Dallas janitorial services that offer expert and green cleaning options, like Dallas Building Maintenance Co., cultivates healthy office habitats that benefit Texas businesses.

A 2014 survey in Fort Worth found that most adults work approximately 47 hours a week. Workdays of this length contribute to the idea of the office as a “second home.” Yet, while most people take care to ensure a clean home environment, offices are often not held to the same standard. The results of the Harvard study found a startling correlation between office health and worker productivity, illustrating the phenomenal importance of office cleaning services in Fort Worth.

Test subjects were exposed to two different environments: offices with high levels of volatile organic compounds—the kind of chemicals released from surface and carpet cleaners—and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified green building conditions. Allen and his researchers identified increases and decreases in productivity and cognitive function based on the provided environments. Subjects were tested in nine cognitive function areas such as strategy and information usage. The results showed a 97% increase of crisis management in green buildings, versus the environments with volatile compounds. It is no wonder that Dallas janitorial service commercial cleaners such as DBM Janitorial Services possess certification for LEED green buildings.

The information gained from the Harvard study is essential in understanding how building health affects employee productivity and long-term health and wellness. Allen is now pursuing further studies in if other commonly used chemicals correlate to long term ailments, like certain types of cancer and high cholesterol.

LEED compliant buildings have already started to develop infrastructure that responds directly to worker health, such as large windows that increase light and views of nature, as well as improved ventilation systems. These businesses can maintain a safe environment by hiring professional Dallas janitorial companies. DBM Janitorial Services is certified for green building cleaning and was one of the first commercial cleaning services in Dallas to practice green cleaning janitorial habits.

However, local businesses that do not meet LEED green building standards still benefit from office cleaning in Dallas TX.  Volatile organic compounds can be left behind after surface and carpet cleaning, risking an employee’s long-term health and productivity. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. janitorial experts know how to effectively clean and sanitize offices with the use of thoroughly tested and approved disinfectants and advanced maintenance technology. It has been scientifically proven that a clean work environment leads to healthy, happy, and productive employees, and DBM Janitorial Services will make sure that atmosphere is achieved professionally and safely.