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How Should An Office Be Cleaned?

Is your company struggling to keep its premises clean? Cleaning your office is essential for productivity as well as health and safety. But how often should you clean your office? Is there a set time or number of times an office should be cleaned per year? No, it does not.

Every office is unique, but there are some general guidelines to follow that may be useful. These requirements will be clear once we understand the difference between regular and deep cleaning and how the size of an office plays a role.

DBM Janitorial Service has been assisting its clients in maintaining a healthy environment. Our janitorial cleaning professionals are safe, quick, and insured. We have the right solution for your commercial cleaning needs in Dallas, TX.

An Office’s Size & Features Make A Difference

The shapes and sizes of offices play a significant role in determining how frequently they should be cleaned. Large offices with hundreds of employees have a lot of people walking over the floors. Therefore, larger offices should be cleaned more frequently than smaller business spaces that may only see a small number of people each day.

If an office has a lot of carpeting, then it requires more cleaning than a workplace with little or no carpeting. Germs, dirt, and dust are more readily attracted to carpeting than hardwood or tile flooring. Therefore, the office’s feature makes a lot of difference!

Types Of Commercial Cleaning

The type of janitorial cleaning is another important factor influencing how your office should be cleaned and disinfected.

1) Regular Office Cleaning

It refers to commercial cleaning in which the cleaning crew comes daily, weekly, or monthly. Dusting surfaces, managing trash bins, wiping down tables, and even vacuuming floors are all part of regular office cleaning.

These services make your workplace cleaner and more appealing. The task at hand determines the frequency you schedule your office cleaning. For example, if the bins fill up quickly, garbage should be taken out once a day or more, and desks should be cleaned at least once a week, if not every day.

2) Deeper Office Cleaning

It refers to more intense tasks that typically require professional commercial cleaners. Office Cleaning includes everything from cleaning and polishing the floor to vacuuming and sanitizing all surfaces. This service is critical for the safety and health of all employees. The average-sized business should be deep cleaned at least twice a year.

Our Professional Office Cleaning Procedures

The following steps give you a good idea of the methods our professional commercial cleaners use while cleaning office space.

  1. a) Our first task is to declutter workstations by removing loose papers, trash, and other items.
  2. b) We will clean and disinfect the bathrooms daily for safety as they are in a high-traffic area.
  3. c) Our office cleaning experts near me replenish necessary supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap.
  4. d) We clean counters, tables, chairs, and kitchen appliances with disinfectant wipes.
  5. e) We clear bins in the office, breakrooms, toilets, meeting rooms, public areas, & other areas.
  6. f) Clean and sanitize desks, removing dust, food, or spills.
  7. g) We vacuum the carpets and sweep and mop the floors.
  8. h) Desk equipment such as monitors, keyboards, and mice are dusted.
  9. i) We remove cobwebs from corners and ceilings.
  10. j) We polish mirrors, windows, and other gleaming surfaces.

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Our office cleaning experts have undergone extensive training and use cutting-edge cleaning tools to ensure we complete their tasks to the best of our abilities. Contact one of our friendly team members today if you want to use our commercial janitorial services.