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How Professional Cleaning Will Help You Prepare for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a deluge of celebratory parties, cold and flu season, and last-minute shoppers. With the Coronavirus still a threat, it is just as important as ever to emphasize hygienic spaces for people of all backgrounds to gather. Of course, commercial cleaning companies in Dallas are prepared to spruce up your offices and workplaces, whether you need them just in time for a party or simply to maintain the health of your buildings.

Office parties are a staple of the holidays, but so many people gathered in a small space risk expediating the spread of germs. DBM Janitorial Services offers traditional and high-tech cleaning options to help office spaces remain hygienic. Planning an office party takes enough time and energy without worrying over the cleaning details that can easily be tackled by the professionals at Dallas Building Maintenance Co. However, it’s not just office parties that will benefit from a visit from janitorial professionals – Dallas medical office cleaning will also be in high demand.

Many medical practices experience an uptick of visits in December, while others find themselves primarily taking patients who caught the flu. While medical offices and hospitals continue to take pandemic precautions, Dallas medical office cleaning will help contain and diminish the spread of viruses. Medical workers and administrative staff have a lot on their plate with little time to concentrate on mindful cleaning, especially in the case of difficult surfaces like computers or cushioned chairs. That is where Dallas Building Maintenance Co. comes in – electrostatic spraying, a cutting-edge cleaning technology, allows these janitorial professionals to sanitize electronics, soft surfaces like beds and chairs, and hard-to-reach places that might harbor dangerous bacteria and contagions quickly and safely.

Electrostatic spraying deploys a negatively charged solution to every surface, crevice, and dip to kill pathogens on impact. The solution then remains on surfaces for a long time to continue neutralizing dangerous contagions. Electrostatic spraying is a safe and effective alternative to cleaning anything from keyboards to curtains, which can be otherwise time-consuming and costly tasks. Electrostatic spraying is a great option for medical offices; however, any high-traffic areas, including retail spaces, will benefit from this incredible technology.

Like offices and waiting rooms, retail stores become crowded and communal spaces during the holiday season. People pass through, handling merchandise and exchanging money, and commercial cleaning companies in Dallas will help secure the health and safety of these public areas. Carpets and air ducts may be forgotten while cleaning and in turn harbor dangerous bacteria and foster allergens and mold, which will expose employees and patrons alike to potentially dangerous respiratory problems. DBM Janitorial Services offers floor and carpet cleaning, as well as invaluable options like air duct cleaning, to ensure that you will welcome your customers and clients into the safest and cleanest environment possible.

No matter where you choose to gather this year, make sure to contact DBM Janitorial Services to help prepare your commercial spaces to be a warm and safe place to welcome everyone.

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