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How Do We Keep Movie-Goers Safe from Coronavirus?

With cool and dreary winter days coming closer, people seek out indoor activities. Settling into a warm movie theater with a bag of popcorn and a refreshing drink is a popular family event, especially during the holidays. How will COVID-19 affect a movie-goer’s experience? With refreshed guidelines from the Texas Department of State Health Services, Dallas janitorial companies make the task far easier. The Dallas Building Maintenance Co. experts offer the best technology in disinfection to prioritize the health and safety of patrons and employees.

Texas Health and Human Services provide a checklist for movie theaters reopening safely during the pandemic. Guidelines of a 75% occupancy and spaces between seats help accommodate social distancing restrictions and encourage protocols like remote ticketing, disposable menus, and one-use flatware. Health guidelines for the facilities are just as important as hygienic exchanges between employees and guests. Dallas janitorial companies have the experience and tools to ensure effective maintenance. DBM Janitorial Services offers extensive cleaning options from theater seats to drapery, restrooms, dining areas, and everywhere in between.

With so many areas and distractions in a movie theater, it is easy to lose sight of efficient cleaning techniques. Commercial cleaning companies in Dallas stay on top of potentially contaminated surfaces, such as those found in dining areas and video game amusement areas. High traffic parts of a theater, like ticket counters and restrooms, or constant touchpoints such as light switches and door handles, are all areas that can often go overlooked when not assessed by professionals. Disinfecting arcades in theaters is a huge undertaking; the checklist provided by Texas Health and Human Services stresses the need for a full-time disinfectant specialist to clean interactive amusements in between patrons. DBM Janitorial Services will help protect customers by offering the best and safest disinfectant chemicals and technologies available on the market. Contracting a commercial cleaning company in Dallas will make customers feel safer knowing that their health is paramount to their entertainment experience.

Dallas Building Maintenance Co. has offered commercial cleaning services in Dallas for over four decades. With the help of vast experience and the ability to embrace state of the art cleaning options, we offered professional and efficient disinfection throughout the length of the pandemic. We utilize the disinfectant that is EPA approved to fight Coronavirus, which many other companies do not have access to. Our cleaning procedures are all CDC approved, and we offer traditional touch-point, surface, and carpet cleaning, as well as electrostatic and fogging disinfection, which is a fast and effective cleaning method for soft surfaces such as theater seats or hard to reach areas under and behind chairs and tables.

With the way commercial cleaning services in Dallas have stayed abreast with the best disinfection techniques during COVID-19, it is prudent for theaters to contract DBM Janitorial Services. Professional cleaners are the best at meeting the Texas Department of State Health Services guidelines which will help customers feel safe enough to take their minds off the world for a moment to enjoy a movie.

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