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Hospital Surfaces and Vital Routine Professional Disinfection

With every day that passes, scientists discover more and more about the novel coronavirus. Much of the data concerning how COVID-19 is transmitted has been gathered by observing and testing hospitals and medical offices, which have higher traffic rates of coronavirus cases than anywhere else. Because of this, commercial cleaning companies in Dallas are essential to the frontlines in the fight against coronavirus.

With Dallas county recording a thousand new coronavirus cases every day in early July, hospitals are likely to continue to see an influx of new patients. That is why hospital cleaning in Dallas is imperative, to keep up with new patients while lowering the risk of transmission to doctors, nurses, administration, and other medical providers, as well as patients who have not contracted COVID-19. While virologists have found that the novel coronavirus can be contracted via respiratory droplets, such as coughing, sneezing, or even talking, up to six feet in standard circumstances, the CDC has also theorized that these droplets could travel up to 13 feet within a hospital environment. While COVID-19 is not necessarily an airborne pathogen, the CDC has considered that airborne transmission is possible in medical environments due to aerosols created by procedures like intubation and the use of ventilators.

Medical facilities also have a high risk of surface contamination. Dallas TX medical office cleaning is essential in keeping the novel coronavirus in check, and Dallas Building Maintenance Co offers expert professionals who know exactly how to thoroughly disinfect surface areas of contagions. The CDC sampled items from both Intensive Care Units and general wards of hospitals to determine what items were contaminated by COVID-19 and found that while ICUs tested positive more frequently than general wards did, the virus could be located anywhere in the medical facility. Incredibly high positive results were found on the floor of the units and since the virus was also found in places where patients do not go, such as the pharmacy, it is clear that contagions were being tracked and spread via shoes. Universally used surface areas such as computer mice, trash cans, and handrails came back overwhelmingly positive for the virus as well, illustrating how truly insidious the travel of this pathogen can be.

While it may feel like an overwhelming task to think of disinfecting medical facilities during the height of a pandemic, the importance of Dallas janitorial companies has become clearer than ever before. While institutions may struggle to keep up with standard cleaning procedures, DBM Janitorial Services specializes in the knowledge and ability to properly disinfect surfaces and frequently used items with expertise and cutting-edge technology.

The Dallas Building Maintenance Co janitorial services employ professional disinfection chemicals and thorough cleaning techniques that ensure the cleanliness of not only standard touchpoints, such as computer mice, handrails, and doorknobs, but also harder to maintain areas from hospital curtains to bottoms of chairs. DBM Janitorial Services experts are the frontline defense for medical office cleaning in Dallas that is essential during the pandemic and beyond.

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