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Frequent Commercial Cleaning Should Not End Just Because the Pandemic Does

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect many businesses across Texas, the last two years illuminated most industries to challenges and shortcomings that may have otherwise never been addressed. Retrospect has shown the value of essential workers, including Dallas janitorial companies. Of course, cleaning services did not stall during the pandemic – in fact, the need for professional cleaning services offered by DBM Janitorial services grew significantly as businesses struggled to meet hygienic standards and address the safety concerns of employees, clients, and customers. There were quite a few lessons to take away from this unprecedented situation and will affect how the cleaning industry conducts service moving forward.

With many hygienic behaviors under scrutiny, the importance of knowledgeable training of cleaning industry professionals cannot be undervalued. Commercial cleaning companies in Dallas are deeply aware of the importance of training effective staff, which includes techniques that tackle contagions. Cleaning can often be mistaken for a cosmetic task, but the pandemic has influenced a deeper understanding of how viruses can be spread, even through seemingly clean surfaces. Dallas janitorial companies train staff on a variety of cleaning techniques; however, with pandemic cleaning demands growing more specific, Dallas Building Maintenance Co. continued to evolve and offer cheaper and faster cleaning techniques to accommodate closures and busy industries.

As it is, cleaning experience isn’t always enough; as COVID-19 showed, an understanding of sanitation must be paired with the proper cleaning solutions and techniques. Not all disinfectants were shown to have a powerful effect on COVID-19 or other contagions and infections. Commercial cleaning companies in Dallas needed to have EPA-approved solutions to pair with expert cleaning capabilities to meet the hygienic demands of their clients.

Few could anticipate an oncoming pandemic, but DBM Janitorial Services were prepared for the rush of cleaning expectations because they already valued the importance of cleaning. By the time these services hit high demands, they had a supply of EPA-approved cleaning solutions that many other cleaning companies did not. They were able to offer desirable high-tech procedures, such as electrostatic and fogging disinfecting options. The foresight to train and supply these sanitation opportunities meant Dallas Building Maintenance Co. could offer the best to their clients from the onset of the pandemic and beyond.

The push to clean for overall health instead of simply cosmetic reasons did change the landscape of the janitorial industry, but some businesses may risk the desire to scale back cleaning schedules to pre-pandemic frequency. Although the threat of the pandemic may not seem as urgent, business owners need to understand that effective sanitation is a long-term commitment offered by essential workers. Mindful cleaning didn’t just lessen the transmission of COVID, it also significantly dropped cases of the cold and flu and curbed medical-related infections like MRSA.

The expertise that DBM Janitorial Services offers is not just essential during a pandemic. Health and safety are always essential, and the pandemic has shown many industries that transmission of viruses can be preventable. Hopefully, commercial industries will continue to take to heart the lessons learned during this pandemic and will reliably take steps to keep workplaces safe and healthy.