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Eco Friendly Cleaning Services in Frisco, TX

One of the biggest advantages to hiring an eco friendly cleaning service is the improvement of air quality, which eliminates employee exposure to chemicals and other harmful pollutants while reducing the risk of Sick Building Syndrom

Healthy employees take fewer sick days, which lowers absenteeism and increases the company’s overall productivity. At the same time, green cleaning methods are easier on floors, furnishings and interior fixtures.

Demonstrating your company’s concern for the environment improves your public image and attracts new customers.

Many homeowners in the United States are starting to understand the importance and benefits of using cleaning products made with ingredients that do not harm the environment and pose no threat to human health. Green cleaning is not just a fad. Instead it reflects how people these days are paying much more attention to what is happening with the environment and doing what they can do to preserve our natural resources while creating healthier work and home environments.

We Protect the Planet, One Cleaning Project at a Time

Dallas Building Maintenance proudly joins others in doing everything possible to protect our environment. Our central location allows us to provide high quality cleaning services to our clients. Our professionally trained cleaning technicians use only sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products to prove our commitment to providing the best green cleaning services available. We are just as dedicated to protecting the planet as we are to providing outstanding customer service.

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