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Don’t Leave Cleanliness to Your Employees – Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Cleanliness has always been essential to human nature. It’s important for us to keep the spaces we live in neat and tidy; it helps us stay more organized, lessens the wear and tear on buildings and objects that are important to us, and keeps us healthy and productive. Most people keep their homes clean on their own or with the aid of additional outsourced services, but when it comes to the professional sphere, hiring a professional janitorial service makes all the difference in the world between a passable workspace and a clean and safe one.

As important as keeping our workspaces clean is to everyone, practicing daily care can often fall by the wayside in favor of other daily responsibilities. Most workers have plenty on their plate when they are trying to do their jobs to the best of their capability, and keeping up with additional duties, such as cleaning, risks spreading employees thin. Unless employees have dedicated time during the day to concentrate on cleaning, and have been hired for said purposes, the likelihood is that, outside of keeping their own workspace tidy, employees will not prioritize cleaning above the responsibilities and skill sets they were hired for.

Therefore, professional janitorial services are essential. When cleaning services are outsourced, employers and employees know that the job is being done well and correctly. You wouldn’t hire a short-order cook to change your car’s brake pads, so why would you turn to anyone but a seasoned janitorial service to clean your business? Professional office cleaners are skilled and experienced, and they know the requirements of what the job needs in order to be done correctly. Cleaning can be a delicate and laborious task and working with a cleaning service guarantees that these experienced professionals will fulfill the needs and expectations of the workplace. Paying professionals to do a job they were trained to do means the job will be done well, and correctly, the first time.

Keeping a clean workspace also improves office morale. Many modern workspaces have begun to move from stifling cubicles to more open-area designs, which means people—and their mess—are more exposed. Bathrooms are also a huge factor. A study done in the UK in 2019 showed that employees can spend upwards of 14 minutes a day in the bathroom, and 41% of employees found the sanitation of bathrooms in their workplace to be below par. Because OSHA standards require necessary bathroom access and sanitary toilet spaces by law in commercial areas, giving your employees a clean and fresh-smelling area to visit throughout the day is going to make their work experience more pleasant, which is essential to everyday productivity. Many studies, such as one recently done by Oxford University’s Saïd Business school, shows that happy employees increase productivity by 13%.

Don’t leave the cleanliness of your business to your employee’s spare time. DBM Inc. Professional Janitorial Services has the skill and experience to make sure your commercial and office area is a clean, sanitized, and pleasant place to work.