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Dirty Bathrooms and Floors Quickly Sour Opinions of Your Business

As restrictions begin to lift and people become more accustomed to patronizing businesses, cleanliness is still at the forefront of their minds. The concept of letting dirty floors and surfaces slide is no doubt a thing of the past – clientele now have a better sense of hygiene than ever, which leaves businesses in need to set a higher standard for their cleaning techniques. Even as we leave the holidays behind us, commercial cleaning in Dallas remains to be a priority for retail stores and other public spaces.

It should not be surprising to know that in a recent survey performed by janitorial supply company Cintas Corp., 74% of respondents admitted that dirty bathrooms would leave them with a negative perception of a business. That number skyrocketed to 92% of those surveyed who are 65 years of age or older. Bathrooms are highly frequented in public spaces; however, they can also be difficult and time-consuming to clean efficiently. Dallas janitorial companies are the best suited for this type of complex cleaning. Whether the task at hand is scrubbing a toilet or cleaning sink tops, DBM Janitorial Services offers professional sanitation techniques that will be sure to leave your clients and customers with a great first impression.

Dirty bathrooms, however, are not the only space that risks conjuring a negative reaction from clientele. In the same survey, 68% of respondents claim that dirty floors would turn off their perception of a business. Hard floors, such as tile or wood, and carpet certainly reflect dirt and grime in different ways, and it can be easy to discount a dirty floor as simply worn or old. Such concerns from the public are also not unfounded – dirty floors can carry health and safety issues, many of which can be resolved by employing Dallas janitorial companies to clean these surfaces. While hard floors may present slipping and falling risks due to spills and sticky messes, carpeted floors may also harbor pounds of hidden dirt, mold, and other contagions that can affect the respiratory health of employees and patrons alike.

Dallas Building Maintenance Co. offers different options for floor cleaning, from laminate to hardwood, that will keep your business’ floor looking brand new. In the case of carpet, Dallas Building Maintenance Co. offers a variety of cleaning options, such as steam cleaning, stain retardants, and dry cleaning. With the flexibility to clean floors monthly, weekly, and even daily, using commercial cleaning in Dallas to maintain your floors will continue to impress visitors and keep your employees safe.

As we are about to ring in the new year, and people are more excited than ever to return to retail spaces and other commercial businesses, there is no better time to make sure that these spaces are professionally cleaned. DBM Janitorial Services will do the hard work of thorough and efficient sanitation, with EPA-approved cleaning solutions and cutting-edge cleaning techniques. As a result, customers and clients of all ages will feel a sense of satisfaction with every visit.