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COVID-19 Employment Litigation is On the Rise – What Can Commercial Cleaning Companies Do to Help?

From vaccine mandates to work from home disputes, employers have found themselves continuing to juggle COVID-19 complications in the workplace. The United States has seen an unexpected uptick in COVID-19 related litigation over the summer, with a total of 715 lawsuits reported – a staggering increase from the 444 lawsuits over the summer of 2020. Additionally, trends are showing that small businesses—those with 50 employees or less—are more likely to encounter a COVID-19 related lawsuit than larger businesses. With those concerns at the forefront of many minds, what can Texas employers do to best protect themselves from COVID-19 related lawsuits and how do commercial cleaning companies in Dallas fit in?

According to COVID-19 litigation data collected by the law firm Fisher Phillips, Texas ranks in the top ten list of states encountering high COVID-19 related lawsuits. Considering the elevated concerns and tempers in what has proved to be a divisive pandemic, experts are not surprised to see such high litigation rates – and they do not predict that these lawsuits will slow down anytime soon. Included in the many reasons driving these lawsuits are workplace negligence and wrongful death, which seek to hold employers responsible for hazardous work environments which could result in the contraction of this possibly severe virus. Dallas janitorial services commercial cleaning companies, such as Dallas Building Maintenance Co., offer services that may help Dallas/Fort Worth employers from damaging litigation. Office cleaning experts can make a world of difference in maintaining the health of employees and potentially avoiding COVID-19 related lawsuits.

DBM Janitorial Services’ trained technicians offer a wealth of cleaning techniques that aid in mitigating the transmission of COVID-19 and other contagions. Commercial cleaning companies in Dallas achieve professional cleaning standards that cannot be realistically maintained by office employees. Traditional cleaning techniques like surface wiping are important, especially in shared office spaces. However, frequented areas, also known as “touch points,” can sometimes be forgotten by inexperienced cleaners. Many people encounter spaces like door handles, light switches, and phones, and these areas easily retain viruses like COVID-19. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. sanitation experts know how to recognize touch points that are easily overlooked.

Dallas janitorial services commercial cleaning companies also offer cutting edge technologies that can go to great lengths to help employers avoid COVID-19 related litigation. DBM Janitorial Services utilizes electrostatic and fogging disinfecting options. Trained technicians use a sprayer to release a negatively charged solution onto surfaces, electronics, or furniture. This safe and effective technique kills the Coronavirus on contact and remains on surfaces to continue neutralizing pathogens over time.

Electrostatic disinfection can reach places that traditional cleaning cannot – such as under chairs or in the ridges of electronics. It is a safe and effective way to fight contagions such as the coronavirus. Used in conjunction with traditional cleaning techniques, electrostatic disinfection gives your business the best possible protection against the transmission of this dangerous virus. Contact the cleaning experts at DBM Janitorial Services to help keep your workplace clean and safe for your employees and limit your business’ COVID-19 exposure liability.