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Coronavirus Cleaning Procedures Keep Other Pathogens at Bay

With COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it may seem like the concern about daily pathogens encountered at care facilities has gone by the wayside. However, while the need for medical office cleaning in Dallas has increased due to Coronavirus fears, other positive effects have arisen from this scenario. Frequent cleaning practices strengthen medical offices and care facilities against disease threats that always exist.

According to the CDC, Coronavirus was the third leading cause of death in 2020. Embedded pandemic fears result in healthcare entities striving to keep down other infectious diseases to lessen the strain on the medical industry. Along with handwashing and PPE, commercial cleaning in Dallas with companies such as DBM Janitorial Services emboldens medical offices against the threat of a myriad of infections.

Pathogens such as MRSA and norovirus threatened care facilities far before the pandemic, and while medical office cleaning practices attempt to keep such infections at bay, the pandemic caused an increase in the frequency of cleaning in care facilities. According to the European Cleaning Journal, outbreaks of diseases like C. difficile have been reported during the pandemic, but there is no denying that increased precautions taken to lessen the spread of Coronavirus assists in controlling the transmission of other infectious diseases. The employment of medical office cleaning in Dallas has and will continue to assist in these efforts.

Dallas Building Maintenance Co. is a forerunner in the fight against all infectious diseases thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and EPA-approved disinfectants. While we have successfully implemented steps to sanitize against the threat of Coronavirus, these same methods are essential in lessening the hazard of everyday viruses that plague care workers and hospital staff. The advantage of professional commercial cleaning in Dallas is the application of high cleaning standards and the frequency in which they can be maintained.

For example, DBM Janitorial Services offers electrostatic and fogging disinfectant that is perfect for medical offices and healthcare facilities. The need for safe, quick, and thorough cleaning techniques is vital in such environments, and fogging is a beneficial companion to standard cleaning processes. By using a negatively charged disinfectant and applied with a sprayer, this cleaning technique allows for sanitizing difficult-to-reach surfaces, soft items, and electronics without damage. Items such as mattress and hospital curtains can be difficult, inconvenient, and even costly to clean, creating spaces for potential bacteria and viruses to flourish. Electrostatic cleaning reaches these surfaces, maintains disinfectant qualities for long periods, and allows the area to be used within minutes of application.

Along with traditional cleaning options such as TouchPoint cleaning and wiping surfaces, Dallas Building Maintenance Co. can effectively, quickly, and affordably disinfect healthcare facilities and medical offices. While the threat of Coronavirus necessitated an increase in cleaning frequencies for many healthcare businesses, the processes put in place can and should be preserved even beyond the pandemic. Then, medical offices and healthcare facilities can protect staff, practitioners, and patients against the perpetual threats of all infectious diseases.