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Cleaning Professionals Help Ease Coronavirus Concerns

As concern about the Coronavirus sweeps the nation, professional cleaning companies are starting to feel the strain. States with confirmed diagnoses of the flu-like virus have especially seen a boom in business, but many businesses and institutions are fighting to stay ahead of the curve and ensure proper cleaning and sanitization to help combat any spread of the illness. Staying proactive is great for both the janitorial industry and those who benefit from it, but what’s the truth behind the panic?

As of the end of January, there have been no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Texas. State government officials have stressed that, as of right now, the Coronavirus remains less of a threat than the seasonal flu in the United States. Unfortunately, due to its nature as a newly emerging virus and the rising death toll in China and the spread to other countries, worries about the Coronavirus leave businesses, schools, and medical offices rattled. While the ramped-up concern for this virus could be worrisome, it does come with its advantages, one of them being that proactively fighting the Coronavirus is the same as fighting the flu.

While there have been 12 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the United States, there have been 15 deaths due to this season’s flu in Dallas County alone. Texas residents have been urged to not lose sight of the flu’s dangers and take steps to avoid infection by thoroughly washing hands, avoiding people already ill with the virus, and getting seasonal immunizations. Since cleanliness is an essential factor in fighting the spread of contagious illnesses, professional cleaning services are finding themselves called to action to assist in keeping the public safe and healthy.

Precautions to prevent sickness are important on an individual level, and every single person should work together to keep contagions to a minimum. The sad reality is that the seasonal flu causes thousands of deaths worldwide every year but, as a population, we have grown used to the cycle of symptoms and tragedies it can bring. Perhaps the rise of concern for the Coronavirus and the fears of how it may spread will help to fortify the importance of cleanliness in our home and workplaces.

Professional janitorial services can help assuage these fears. By putting the trust of your business’s cleanliness in the hands of DBM, you can be confident in knowing that knowledgeable cleaners will have the safety of your employees, clients, and patrons always at the forefront of their minds. DBM is dedicated to reaching a professional standard and thinking ahead – from Touch Point cleaning of everyday objects that can pass along virulent viruses to deep cleaning carpets where contagions can hide, DBM will make sure your business has been thoroughly scrubbed. The experts at DBM utilize their knowledge with cleaning agents and cutting-edge technology to make sure the cleaning is done right. Putting the cleanup of your business in professional hands is the best choice for everyone and will help ensure that your company remains a safe and healthy environment during this tough virus season.

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