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Cleaning Professionals Are the First Step to Successful Commercial Transitions

All eyes are on the White House this coming week, and with the new administration comes a historical move regarding cleaning and disinfecting the building for turnover. Traditionally, the White House staff cleans quickly during the inauguration, but concerns about the Coronavirus will now result in a comprehensive deep clean by janitorial professionals, including carpet cleaning and replacement. This news has brought to light how essential commercial cleaning services are for company transitions, especially in the wake of escalating COVID-19 transmissions.

The prioritization of a deep clean to preface your company’s transfer into a new building is not just for our nation’s leaders. From national institutions to local Texas-owned companies, professional-level disinfection of a new location by commercial cleaning companies in Dallas is essential to the health of businesses and employees. Depending on the age of the building and the hygiene of the business that previously occupied the space, it’s likely companies may find themselves moving into unclean and possibly even dangerous spaces. DBM Janitorial Services can assure that a building has been properly maintained and disinfected, carpet to ceiling, before move-in even begins.

It’s common sense that offices in use should be thoroughly cleaned regularly, so contracting commercial cleaning companies in Dallas is equally important to ensure a new location is ready to host a new company. Many people may function under the assumption that office buildings are cleaned properly before they are leased to new companies; however, this isn’t always the case. By hiring your own local and accredited cleaning service, you can guarantee that your office environment has been cleaning and sanitized to your standards. Companies like Dallas Building Maintenance Co. are essential to the safe transition of your business.

Now, why elect to employ a Dallas janitorial service to clean your commercial building instead of leaving it to employees? Much like the choice the new presidential administration has made, professional cleaning companies have not only the experience to properly sanitize for germs and contagions such as COVID-19, but they also possess the cutting edge technology required to efficiently and quickly clean large or inaccessible areas. In the case of the White House, professionals have suggested concentrating efforts on high traffic and recently used areas by employing electrostatic fogging and spray disinfection.

DBM Janitorial Services employs state of the art cleaning technology, which guarantees a level of disinfection that better protects the health and safety of your employees. By using EPA approved disinfectants that knowingly and successfully fight the Coronavirus, this Dallas janitorial service offers a variety of thorough cleaning techniques, such as TouchPoint cleaning, carpet, and floor services. Germs and contagions lurk on high traffic surfaces such as desks, light switches, and doorknobs, and can easily nestle into carpets, behind chairs, or in the folds of curtains. With a mix of traditional wiping and advanced techniques like electrostatic fogging, Dallas Building Maintenance Co. has the professional experience and knowledge that will efficiently and affordably prepare your commercial space for the bright future of your company.

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