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Cleaning Hacks Are All the Rage – But How Safe Are They?

With its wealth of information, the internet is a perfect hub of useful tutorials. From fixing cars to cleaning bathrooms, influencers and professionals alike use the internet to share their experiences and suggestions. One of the more popular methods of quickly disseminating useful information is the “life-hack” – generally presented in a video, this short-form tutorial shows the viewer a quick, easy, or cheap way to do something that is otherwise difficult to do. This is particularly common with cleaning techniques and comes with the risk that, by using cleaning hacks to avoid hiring commercial cleaning companies in Dallas, people could expose themselves and others to dangerous and possibly deadly chemicals.

Google is the reigning resource for cleaning tutorials, but recently the social media video platform TikTok has increased in popularity. With upwards of billions of views on videos hashtagged with descriptions such as “#cleaninghacks,” people can easily find visual examples of how to complete difficult cleaning tasks. On video, these hacks can come off as very simple and easy for a novice to grasp, but they often suggest utilizing professional-grade chemicals that should only be used by Dallas janitorial companies. For example, one popular video shows a method of pouring cleaning solution over a radiator to soak off grime, but experts like Dallas Building Maintenance Co. know that chemicals exposed to heat can cause dangerous fumes and could even result in an explosion.

The misuse of chemical cleaning components is a theme in these types of videos. Often, videos encourage viewers to mix different types of chemicals or even heat cleaning solutions for more successful outcomes. When even simple household chemicals such as bleach or vinegar are mixed, the results could cause vapors or gases that irritate the eyes and lungs. In some cases, these combinations create solutions that result in severe sickness and death. The danger comes when the casual viewer starts to believe that these life-hacks are offered by professional cleaning sources, such as companies like DBM Janitorial Services. Additionally, these videos are often edited to look like they work even when they don’t, tricking the viewer into believing a solution that is manipulated (or only works under certain circumstances) is otherwise safe and fool-proof.

Unfortunately, for as much useful information as the internet offers, there is an equal amount of misinformation that can be harmful. Commercial cleaning companies in Dallas can complete the difficult tasks that these cleaning hacks claim to conquer but in a safe, effective, and affordable way. Dallas Building Maintenance Co. only uses EPA-approved cleaning chemicals and advanced cleaning techniques; whether your office or commercial building needs air ducts cleaned, or carpets sanitized, DBM Janitorial Services is the best and safest alternative to the effective and safe disinfection you need.

Life-hacks can be useful, but there is no sense in forgoing professional Dallas janitorial companies in favor of shortcuts. When the health and safety of people and buildings are at stake, turn to the proven professionals – not the social media apps.