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Celebrating National Cleaning Week

This year, March 22nd-28th celebrates National Cleaning Week. Headed by a trade association for the international cleaning industry, ISSA, National Cleaning Week raises awareness of the importance of cleanliness and the impacts it has on public health, the environment, and the economy.

Our country is in a bit of an upheaval right now. With fears of spreading COVID-19 through communities, many Texas schools are preparing for the possibility of suspending classes, and people everywhere are being encouraged to limit their contact to curb transmissions. While concerns may be rising, the timing of National Cleaning Week could not possibly be more perfect. Right now, it is an important time to not just consider personal cleanliness but to ensure the safety of professional environments for employees and patrons.

The CDC has offered a lot of guidance for avoiding transmissions of COVID-19 and has encouraged basic tenants of hand washing and social distancing. However, many offices and industries have no choice but to remain open during this time. Thus, businesses must actively continue to address the health and safety concerns of their employees as they attend to their daily responsibilities. While some basic cleanliness requirements can be maintained by individuals, institutions carry a responsibility to their employees when it comes to the cleanliness of workspaces. While maintaining a hygienic environment in office spaces is always important, offering security and transparency during this more trying time is bound to make workers feel that their safety and health is a priority to their employers.

Not only offices can benefit from these professional cleaning services. High traffic businesses such as health care offices and retail stores will remain active, as many people will be seeking services and purchasing necessities. Securing the hygiene of these frequented spaces will go to lengths to protect healthcare workers, patients, employees, and customers.

The most efficient way to achieve this is by employing professional cleaning services. Full-service janitorial companies have the experience and expertise to ensure that office spaces, commercial properties, and even retail spaces can remain as clean and safe as possible for the health of both employees, clients, and customers. Professional cleaning services like DBM supply sanitation that goes above and beyond. While handwashing and cleanliness in personal spaces is something individuals can maintain on their own, only experts really know the key to efficient sanitation. Professional janitorial services have the tools and know-how to guarantee the cleanliness of areas that may otherwise be overlooked. With the use of Touch Point, floor, carpet, upholstery cleaning, and more, professional cleaners use industrial cleaners and up to date technologies to reach the places that are often forgotten, and where contaminants may hide.

Although it may seem like a strange celebration, National Cleaning Week is a perfect opportunity to educate about the importance of overall hygiene not just at home, but in the spaces we work in or visit every day. Especially right now, encouraging the awareness and education of cleanliness and utilizing professional janitorial services in such endeavors will help to maintain the health and safety of not only ourselves but our communities.