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Janitorial Service VS Custodial Service

It can sometimes be confusing for Texas companies to decide between a janitorial service and custodial services. A janitor has various tasks, all focused on looking after the outside of a building as well as the inside. These typically include emptying the trash, cleaning floors and carpets, making sure bathrooms are clean and stocked, and […]

Exactly What Is Medical Cleaning?

For those who aren’t in the “know,” there’s a definite difference between cleaning an office and medical cleaning. To understand this difference, you must first understand what “clean” is. Herein “clean” will also be different in an office than it is in a medical practice. It’s important to understand that there are 3 purposes for […]

Cleaning & Maintaining Building Carpets

A building is an asset. Company owned buildings influence their balance sheets. That means it’s well worth their time and effort to maintain them, and to keep the costs down. Proper cleaning can significantly extend the life of these assets, which increases the company’s ROI on their buildings. Cutting back on cleaning in order to […]